Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Oct 4

Every Saturday Morning

Hey! Hello! welcome to The Official Pornstars® Gallery. How are you? Spent a nice weekend so far? Are you sitting comfortably? Well, that won't last long, as we'll have you squirming in your seat very soon. Starting already with our first picture: 'Every Saturday Morning' by the awesome Queen of Amok, Ash (ashratum).

And it continues with : Shanelicious by Teeny Spot, 2 times Murderdolls24 (that doesn't make her Murderdolls48, no), 2 times Laura Demonista , Anais Misawa, 2 shots by Talisker Braveheart in a pretty hilarious miniseries I urge you to check on his flickr, and... Lara Smith, Domino Dupre, Sidam79 Zenovka in another WOW set, Asari Dark Sun by and with Big Daddy Ves, Keeley Snowfall in pure erotica material featuring Deirdre Paulino and Lord Bane. There's still more! I am showing you Diablo Balazic, Starr Raine, Carla Draesia, and 2 great artworks by Ravenrouge19 and Keely Mistwood, posing with the gorgeous Lona Lenroy.

Need a cold shower? Get one with Luv Caramel, but of course I reccomend dunking into the coldness of the pool at Miss Emily's for the Pornstars party! If it's too late...there are plenty other parties to join every day with the Sexiest Pornstars group, and so much to see and do! Thank you everyone for being awesome and see you tomorrow!

Shane - Hi There *PS* Just Dirty Baby *PS* Swimming How Very Vintage How Very Vintage, Dahling back to work Whaaaaat!!! - 

Make it good and I may forgive. beach life Evening on the Dunes beach sex 01 beach sex 02 beach sex 03 Asari & Daddy Ves Poolside Fish Heavenly Venus REAL 


and Keely - Venus was her name..
Having a Good Rinse

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