Monday, October 6, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Oct 6

Good morning Paris

Bienvenue, bienvenue, à la galerie officiel des pornstars! I know, my French is terrible, I have this outrageous accent. You are free to fart in my general direction and insult me with some patented French lampoon. Like "Go boil your bottoms". I have in fact plenty bottoms today. Because, it's Happy Ass Monday! No, I am not translating that. And our opening pictures are 'Good morning Paris', by Tamara Artis, and the sexy toosh of actual French people, such as(s) Tatiana Easterwood (by Danish refugee Bewitched Difference) and the hot Moon.

And enough with my silly kaniggets, and let's move listing the pictures in this gallery, which features absolutely outstanding material. Just look: we have great uploads by Brie Helstein, Junah's ass (by Melinakis), Jazmyn's mesh ass (by Graham Collinson), Starr Raine, the two times angelic Laura Demonista, two angelic pairs of buttocks by Hunii Bunni. And more. Oh yeah, more! Priscila Balogh, Hilaria Twig by Lasga Claven, Lya Barcelos, Spirit Eleonara with Hard Rust, 2 reuploads by London Zane featuring Kenzie. Followed by Tate, by the awesomely curvy and sexy Chandi, a pic by HeartWinter, one by Ryleigh Smithson, one of the many angles of the all round smexy Ali Lancrae, and I finish with a stylish selfie by Lee Valentine, with the customary Topless Tuesday shoot by Cr*p Mariner I am twisting for my evil purposes and with a glorious sunset by Domino Dupre. Have a great week!

Tati tata's Untitled just me Junah's miracle Jazmyn A 

Beautiful Place Is Where I love To Be Walking towards the light-HP02 Made in Brazil hilaria1 Cheeky kenzie5A kenzie2 Burlesque Chair Fat 

bottom girls we make the rocking world go round suite Contemplation Belleza Venus 5 Lee Selfie Topless Tuesday Writer Sunset On Summer

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