Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Sexiest® Photo And Pornstar Of The Day : Oct 22

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day

Women Oriental. Pamela Kanto. Call me biased towards beautiful redheads if you like, but i just loved this image. A really nicely composed picture, taking in a pose and angle which shows off some truly lovely curves. Congrats you're our 'Sexiest® Photo Of The Day'!

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day

Babes In The Woods. By Cindy Starostin. Featuring herself and Sindoll. If blonde's do have more fun ....How much do these two have combined we're wondering!? One things for sure though our readers are having fun looking on, and I'm sure they would agree they're our 'Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day'!

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