Saturday, October 4, 2014

The well-educated Chloe

Chloe Deimatov has had a good busy week, appearing in several pictures and with a movie release. Chloe is a different 'pornstar' than most: a veteran in the industry, she is her own person, spending time in her own corner of paradise devoting time to her projects, moving at her own pace and pursuing her own kinks and interests, one of which surely being bondage.

This summer, her collaboration with 'Artful Zane' has produced two movies of a series. The Education of Chloe was released in June (more pics from the shoot here ). It's, according to Chloe 'a sad story about a poor girl who goes out for a day at the beach and winds up in more trouble than she counted on.'

The visuals are appealing and the editing is really professional and effective. It manages to be quite erotic. As you can notice, the s&m element is strong, and in the new installment, 'Chloe's Education Continues', it's even more prevalent. In Chloe's words: Not a typical pose ball porn movie, but almost soley bdsm flavored. Not for everyone, but for those who have a spanking fetish you should enjoy!! 

Hi. I am the jump. Two clips follow.


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