Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcoming Fall

Welcoming Fall

Fall seems to be a great inspiration for the artistic souls in The Sexiest group.

So, here's a selection of a few autumn photos I haven't featured yet, and that all capture the mood of the season, from the vibrant colours of Partee's travels in various sims, to the nostalgic shades of the dying summer in yet another breathtaking set by Solidx, with Be. The vision of her pussy reminded me of one heck of a hot photoset from last year by Moonie I post a pic of, and I close with a gorgeous photo by Jill Delicious.

So, there you have, pornstars Welcoming Fall, as in Sam Hanks' photo opening this mini-gallery.

Autumn in Kendrew

Autumn in Oubilette

Frisland Autumn

Loch Haven Autumn waiting for evening

An Autumn Fairy!

Autumn 01.



Autumn 06


Autumn (8)

Autumn ♥

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