Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Pornstars Rack: November Mags

Right, where were we? Oh yes: sexy photos. And mags!


Aroused! Magazine Issue 15

Aroused! has been providing a lot of content through the weeks, as often featured: going strong at its 15th issue, it is built around a staff of regular photographers very well respected and renowned in the world of SL erotica. You can see on the cover one of them who luckily has recently taken steps to overcome her notorious camera-shyness: a picture of her butt as she runs away from the camera would have not been as effective as a cover. Her name is Melina Jameson, and you all are familiar with her work.

As beautiful as she is talented, Athena needs no introduction.

So, it's worth praise the excellent contributions of the magazine staff, with photoshoots by Dakota Faith, the tireless Sandra Palletier with Be, and, on the other side of the lens for once, the explosive sensuousness of Athena Obviate, posing for the magazine editor Marika Blaisdale.

Sandra too, is more than capable of introducing herself.

But of course Aroused! is always on the lookout to feature contributions of outstanding artists: this issue in fact opens with a personal favourite, Kiki Ergenthal, in erotica of the highest quality. With a distinct voyeuristic flavour to it, this series brings glimpses of the violated privacy of different models. You will recognize in there other favourite flickerites and Pornstars members that you have seen here many times in the past with their work, such as Ash, and Mayra in the photo below. But I won't spoil it for you. Watching someone painting their toenails has never been SO involving!

You might need to wash your underwear too, after looking at Aroused. No, it's not scary...

So, go get Aroused! It's avalaible as an in-world item in kiosks (IM Marika Blaisdale if you wish to place one at your venue) and through Marketplace, but you can also read it online, at this address:

The publishing industry is very active at this time, and I really enjoy to see quality productions out there. One in particular I haven't had the pleasure to feature yet and is worth a BIG heads up, but if you are Pornstars members, you already know about it! And if you don't...see you next time and I'll tell you about it!
Meanwhile: feel free to contact me in world about your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you!

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