Saturday, May 9, 2015

How Old Are The Pornstars!?#3

Big thanks to everybody for joining in and posting their 'How Old' images, thanks to to Katina for helping me gather these images together below.

I think now the most stable looking results for the Pornstars ages seems to see us around 20-25, with a few anomaly's of course! With 22 being the real life average age for a girl beginning a porn career and 24 for a guy. Our Second Life Pornstars seem to match up with the real world!

Let the 'How Old Robot' take a look at your Avatar.

Rhiannon Tamerlane, Delicence, Cathari Runo by Zuby Gloom , Adele Simondsen, Sasquatch Rhino (with an age-unranked bit of Margie Blanco), Chelsea Dollinger, SimoneLandersToni RoseAshlynn.JamesonHunii B, Kinana KiraxxLatinaChicaxx, Alexus Minotaur with Priscila Balogh (by Alexus), and we close with a couple examples of how the system is not exactly flawless, with Cream Release and Miss Emily's alarming results, Kei Frequency, and Phil Sidek

How old am I?

Forever 22

How old is Cath?

How old am I?

Who's 35 ? Her? Smart Software !

How old

My age


How old?

How old do i look

How old do I look?

How Old

Disclaimer: No,she's no jailbait, all avatars depicted in this blog are always 18 years old and older!!

27 I think would be perfect! Bad How old Robot!

I think it missed a third '6' here...

Ok, Kat might have slightly tampered with this last one...

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