Saturday, May 9, 2015

'La Dolce Vita' by Ravi

Oh, gonna have an extremely easy and pleasant time for my weekend blog movie posts. Or a tough one, depends on the point of view. Major movie releases and a bit of catching up to do , but all already very well covered in the director's individual blogs. Let's start with ...

"Take me baaaack to my sweet la vidaaaa, find my love, my dolce vita...". No, this is not a video about Geri Halliwell being stalked by a herd of prowling dudes in briefs...My God I am showing my age with this type of references.

...This brand new release is the second movie of Ravi! I had already the pleasure to cover Crystal Facets here on the blog, and in that surprising debut movie of hers, I recall having been impressed a lot by how mature in her own style of filming she showed to be. This movie if possible strenghtens that first impression I had.

First of all: Ravi already did a wonderful post here about the movie. I strongly suggest you to have a peek if you like at the snapshots i crammed in this post here, but as for what I am writing, you can already skip to her blog and read what she has to say. The passion she put in her movie, together with her 'crew', is perfectly detailed there. Including the importance in the project her co-stars had throughout the whole production.

I use a lot, never meaning it to be a cliche, the expression 'labour of love'. Surely this movie has been, but also a wonderful journey you can breathe the excitement of, and anyone who has tried or wishes to try doing something creative in SL can relate to that.

I am quoting just the essentials anyway: plot-wise, the movies goes like this:

"La Dolce Vita, means "the sweet life". The couple Onyx (Urmeli) and Crystal (Ravi) want to make a sailing tour with their friends Yana and Charley. They arrange this day only for having fun, laughing, diving, sailing but most for having sex. The bright sun, fresh breeze, hot skin and hunger for sex let them enjoy the sweet life to the full."

Ravi has a real talent for setting a joyous, larger-than-life mood: her title sequences truly are put together like in a professional RL movie, hitting the right notes, and her filming style is very well polished.

She obviously has the right tools for the job, and framerate and video quality are top-notch.

The movie is without a doubt a SL Porn flick: as you can see by the snapshot there's sex anywhere and in various combinations. 

And it's a relief, because with all the sense of wonder it manages to convey through the sailing and underwater explorations, with the characters left to interact in their enclosed space in the middle of such overwhelming vastity, if it was not porn it was certainly going to be an Euro giallo type of movie, I tell you!

I confess, I was sorta waiting for one of them to pull a knife on the others, and the whole movie turning into a modern day Nóż w wodzie !

But now just go on Ravi's blog, and check out the darn video if you haven't yet !

The movie is below. Go on and watch it. And please, write me if you have been in movies or directed one, or you are doing any project you'd like this blog to cover!
Thanks and now, enjoy!

La Dolce Vita powered by XTube


  1. Awesome blog post :) Thank you so much Katina:)

  2. A well produced, great looking movie. Nice blog post too to showcase it. Congrats all involved. :)

  3. Katina, thank you for your kind critic. We, the whole team are proud and happy that our work is so well accepted. Thank you so much!

    Serenity, thank you for your wonderful words. It is a pleasure to read this from someone so experienced like you. Thank you very much. *smiles*