Friday, May 22, 2015

Marika always welcomes a new challenge(r)!

So, this movie came out, and I happen to love it!

"Finally, number 5 in the series of movie clips where me and Katina compete a little in fuck sports. This time me and Akbar, I hope you'll enjoy the movie."

Now, since I don't exactly want to spend a long time congratulating here on the blog my own partner for how awesome she is, I chose to post a few screenshots that let you form a bit of an opinion about how good the movie looks (my opinion? pretty darn good, of course!) and if it may or not be your thing (in case you are not crazy about the dick per capita ratio).

Watch the movie after the jump, but first, here's my Q&A with director, editor, set designer, talent scout, fluffer, co-star and all around Sexiest Pornstar Marika Blaisdale.

- When did you have the idea of this 'Fuck Challenge' thing? Oh i know the answer to this one, but I want to hear your version. :p

"The idea came to my mind as a need to have field to experiment with movie making. I needed something simple to work on, but as always I wanted project that lets me involve other people from porn community into it. Also, even if I like shemale stuff very much I don't want to be seen as a producer specializing in such theme only. I believe there's place for everyone here, so I started with project like this."

- You do seem to involve a lot of people from the porn community in your project, which is something I love to see happen. What is the biggest challenge in moviemaking for you? Also as opposed to photography.

"There are few things I could point out. First, actors selection. Well, I quite often hear in groups there's no casting calls or nothing to do for actors/models. I can't fully agree to that, just because my experience so far tells me something opposite: during last year I invited really lot people into my projects, not only movies, but mostly photography, including Aroused! magazine. And sadly, quite often used to happen I had troubles in finding them.

Second, it's something pretty technical: there's always some issue with poses/animations for movies. Of course, it's matter of proper angle of camera to show it in a good way, however it's more demanding than in static photography. Third could be simply putting the movie together, which in general is pretty fun process, but I personally don't like the moment I have to work with moans - I know, it sounds silly, but I dislike that part.

Finally, my personal challenge is usually scenario. Well, let's be honest, so far I have not made anything too ambitious in terms of storyline in my movie clips, mostly because I needed time to get experience, learn both in world recording and technical issues about post processing, working with scene building, finding animation engines I could use for movies. But I am getting close to the point when I want to adapt some stories too and it's always huge challenge how to conform the "reality" of SL and the storyline."

- Back on the actors point i do have a couple questions to follow up : you are not the first one to point that out. That do you think the causes are?

"One thing is the number of male actors we got in the community. Or number of all actors and actresses even, it's obviously limited, at some point the director has to repeat choices, but it's nothing bad about it. The other thing is attitude. I had really huge pleasure to work with awesome people here, but it's not exception I hear things like "If you wouldn't be tgirl...". Come on, I am one and deal with it. I do not ask people who work with me to do something against their will or feelings. But I can't get how someone could call self a pro and act like this. I am not lurking 100% of time to break your digital butt, don't worry guys."

- In general, what are you lookin for in an actor/actress and do you have any advice for the aspiring ones?

" I am looking for good looking avatars. Movie making is pretty demanding in this case - a photo can be retouched, edited. Movie is more difficult to have that done. Besides, more effort you put here, inside SL, less work you get in post production, what has got real impact on final result. What could I tell to aspiring actors... I feel more like director to be honest, and that is because most movies I acted in have been directed by me. I use myself as actress because I am always available to myself, but having others to act is great and I am happy to work with people.

So, aspiring actors, don't be scared to answer casting calls, improve your look all the time, try to bring inspiration and be nice to others. And never, under any circumstance, don't get into fight because you weren't picked for a project. Amount of roles is limited and there's nothing worse for your career than got into argue with someone who looks for collaborators."

- Thank you a lot for your answers and going into detail about the various issues and critical aspects in moviemaking, from the editing to aspects often debuting directors overlook, such as organizing, planning, dealing with the 'human factor'. Quick final question for you: which episode or part of your own series is your favourite so far and why?

"The latest one, which is number 5 now, in general. Mostly because I find it most deliberated in many aspects, from camera work, through poses selection, lights, to some details in sound mixing. I don't expect everyone is going to pay attention to such details, but I know I've put quite lot effort into that part and I can finally see some progress in my movie making, which is very nice and makes me more confident. Also thank you very much for this interview, to me it's great way to share my experience what I really love to do after all."

Thanks everyone also for reading, and what more can I add? You'll have chance to hear more about Marika again quite soon thanks to her other 'big' venture here, but I am not spoiling  the surprise. Meanwhile, there's a movie after the jump, and it's worth checking out! After the ....jump

This is the jump! Click below and watch the movie. Also, i wanna know about your videos, and I always appreciate to collaborate on a post and provide new material to our readers, your viewers and fans. Write me!

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  1. This movie was superbly shot and produced, by somebody who has taken everything they learned in a great photography career, and applied it to movie making in Second Life.

    If you are lucky enough to have a good Computer, to deliver a great looking scene, and capture at a good frame rate, then apply the skills and experience from your Photography in world you can make some wonderful movies like this.

    I hope more follow Marika's excellent lead.