Monday, May 25, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack - Out of this World magazines!

The magazine is out there!

Ufo SeXXXperience Magazine

Ufo SeXXXperience Magazine

Does the name ring a bell? Yes, this magazine is based on the popular sim U.F.O. Abduction the SexXxperience, created and mantained by the inventive Cathiee McMillan.

If you haven't been there yet and you have any interest in photography and/or in kinky roleplay, you really should pay the place a visit and save it in your list. The setting you can find there are not all and strictly related to sci-fi, it's a place with LOTS of potential for inspiration of a variety of photoshoots and scenarios. Classrooms, movie theater, courtroom, chapel, you name it.

And the magazine does a really good job showing quite stimulating photos. And also presenting, for this "0" issue, the life (and feminine graces) of the Cathiee and her partner Dolly.

So, this magazine's approach, and the fact that it's linked to such a dream spot for perverts of all (the good) kind, made me want to reach Cathiee for comment and a little Q&A. So here you have it. Enjoy!

- You already showed interest in the past in the comic book format, there are quite a few pages to be found in your flickr. When did you first have the idea to make a magazine, and what do you want to show in Ufo SexXxperience magazine?

"Been making pictures and ad like pictures since we started UFO when it was SciFi-69 and I like to take pictures and the blog I have for ufo and personal doesn't get people from sl nor does flickr as much as i would think it should."

- What were your biggest difficulties putting together the issue, if any?

"Well not much at the moment except my spelling. I can do the pictures and Layout I do the layout in Indesign."

- Your magazine is looking for collaborators. What are you looking for in your photographers, writers, models respectively?

"Yes I am looking to get more of both so I don't have to do all the pictures or write stuff. I am more than willing too but would like to see a variety in the magazine. Just not all me."

- You offer what amounts to basically free ad (just the upload cost of the pic, literally). What are you looking for in your advertisers?

"Well really just looking to have it feel like a magazine with the advertisers. And I never understood the high cost people charge for the ads. I am doing it all for fun.
So what i am looking for? Anything really SL related. We like to support like minded SL content creators"

- I liked how in depth, also a bit into RL, you got with your writeups in the first issue. Do you plan to do the same for other individuals in the magazine, or it was just something that made sense presenting you, your partner and that part of your lives that is the UFO sim?

Well I want to have write-ups for the Models. It can be what ever they really want to present to the people reading the Magazine so if they want to do their Roleplay character bio that is fine with me as well. We did ours that way so people get an Idea of who we are and who runs UFO. I also like to see the history of AVs in SL how we have all changed. We understand some will be detailed like us, some will be just bullets and some will be totally character is all good

Ufo SeXXXperience Magazine

- And finally: who is that hottie on the centerfold? I didn't catch the name!

"Theta Smallberries"

You will hear more about that one for sure, I tell you. Thank you again SO much to Cathiee for the contribution, and do check out her magazine, getting it straight from the awesome SeXXXperience sim!

Please feel free if you are featured in a SL Magazine (or produce one!) to tell me about it, so I can bring it to the attention of our readers here! Same for any project you are involved into, I love to help you showcase your efforts!

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