Tuesday, May 19, 2015

'Transamore' by Nikki T

There are so many movies out there, as I pointed out in this weekend roundup post. And yet, today I am giving a bit of exposure to a really hot flick that came out earlier this year.

I can't speak nicely enough of the talents at work here: both co-stars are well followed on flickr and bring their brand of naughty to their followers. Delicence has such a recognizable uber-cute look you see throughout her production, and director Nikki T perfected her mesh looks long time ago, making a point to show it in its full glory with videos too!

The plot of the movie? Well...it's the encounter of two lovers, a display of two of the most beautiful and iconic shemale/trans performers on the scene, and it works in a marvellous way for that.

The movie starts with a sensuous subtitled narration, and soon the letters let just the pure delight of the image speak by itself. Well, I don't really want to be waxing lyricals here, come on: I simply think that this movie is a very strong showing of 2 high quality avatars displayed with very good video quality.

And that is more than welcome also considering the never overstated importance of LGBT sexuality in the movie scene.

Come on, it has way too much cuteness and hotness combined not to be seen!

So, what else can I add in this long overdue post? Enjoy the full movie, after the jump. Deli also did a lovely set with the 2 in the same outfits as the movie, so you might want to check that out too! And Nikki's flickr as well, because, why not!

This is the jump! Click below and watch the movie. And talk to me about your movies if you wish! I want to cover your work on the blog, yanno!

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