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Wanna Flick? Maid in the City 2 Episode 2!

I didn't cover on The Sexiest blog Maid in the city 2: Episode 2 at the time of the release, but what a massive and satisfying release that was!

As usual, there's little I can add to what Sere already put in her own blog post on the Erotique blog. Complete with incredibly sexy, top quality screenshots

Incredibly sexy, top quality screenshots here!

Well, I still grab some too, of course, I always do it when watching a movie.

Rache grabs some.

I am sure you will enjoy the movie: in true Erotique fashion, it's very tongue in cheek and playful. A few times in the past as she mentions on the blog post, Sere ended up editing the sex scenes of her movies with the pacing and overall flow of the plot in mind, and then those scenes got a separate release in their fullness as all-sex flicks. It happened with SL porn 'classics' such as Love Juice, and Vibrations in Time, to the latest Star Wars parody, where 'Encounter on Tatooine' had as spinoffs of sorts 'Return to Jabba's Palace' and 'Return to the Cantina'.

Just in case you hadn't seen enough Star Wars stuff on this blog lately!

One choice I always got behind of (mmm...), but with this movie being a two-parter with such a varied cast and different scenes, I think she got the ingredients to the recipe mixed very well. The movie ends up being a very hot mix of titillating scenarios. So, have a good time checking some out through the snapshots as i present to you a short Q&A I had with Sere and with the star and executive producer of this hot work, Rachel Avro!

Also, I said "Tongue in cheek" two paragraphs ago, and I couldn't just let it slide without linking this.

- Rache, did you enjoy being Executive Producer in the movie and would you like to tell us more about your involvement in this movie, how did it all start etc?

Rache: I really enjoyed working with Sere and Louise behind the scenes as well in front of the camera. It started with an idea I have with the first movie I want do a movie sort of like Emmanuelle: the adventures of a girl's sexual awaking, and we did that one. So about 5 months ago I came to Sere and Louise with the idea for a sequel and we worked on it and refined it.

- How long did it take for the movie to be completed?

Serenity: It was quite a while, because the planning began way back before the Erotique Star Wars movie was finished at the end of 2014. I wanted a little break after that movie. So, with scheduling of the cast and building sets for every scene it took about 3 months. Nobody was rushing though or working flat out. it was produced at a nice pace, that felt like a fun project.

- What is your favourite scene, or scenes, if any?

Serenity: I liked them all because this is only my second movie where i shot all the girls in mesh bodies, and i'm still wowed how good they look on screen. I really enjoyed the scene with Charles and Rachel though, because it was one i could never have hoped to have shot without my new PC. Lovely wind light settings, shadows, and the sea in shot on the beach. 

Rache: My favourite scene was with Lune as she was in the first movie and I thing that was the hottest scene I have ever done and it was nice to reconnect!

Above: Rache connected to Lunedor through various interfaces.

- Any particular anedocte about the production, something funny during shooting, or any adversity that happened and we as viewers wouldn't know about?

Rache: Yes there was adversity there was a wonderful scene with my partner that had to be cut because of her not being able to be on SL 

Serenity: I shot a ton of video for the auction house in the movie, which i used to set the story in Part one. When i came to edit part two i had accidently deleted it! Luckily i had just enough left to make Part two work. 

And the stream lining of that part of the movie i think allowed it to move along at a good fast pace any way, and i was able to include that fun finale scene with Ali and Partee in more focus due to it. So alls well that ends well!

- What's next for Erotique?

Serenity: Myself and Louise have a ton of ideas, for photos, movies, comics. Louise has a great imagination and we work well together and enjoy it. We plan things all the time, spur of the moment shoots, or larger concepts. 

 Plus Star Wars Part 2 will happen also, but i have done 3 big movies in what's quite a short space of time for me, with all the other things i have going on too. So i would like to do a few smaller scale, simpler projects for a little bit. 

Star Wars is just going to be huge this year, and get more inspiring as the months go by, so i think putting it off a little while will only see me more excited about it and more ready to jump into it as time goes by.

- And you, Rache?

 Rache: Right now no new projects. I hopefully will be being some new shoot and be invited to some upcoming movies project that are in the works.

And I am sure she will! She looks great in this, and we all know how she can bring a lot to her projects. Here's her ad in the movie,

....and below, the ad and logo for Warmanimations Lisa, once again being a helping hand for moviemakers in SL!

Also, I said 'helping hand' and i needed to post this.

And now, come on, we're just missing the movie itself, right? it's after the jump! and remember, again, to visit Sere's blog for more mouthwatering screen captures and more info!

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