Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Can't wait for February!

You might think that I am being two weeks early when I tell you 'Happy Valentine's day', but blame...


You see...


Due to amazing work on my part hahah
The February Issue of PLAYHOUSE is available and attached to this notice Early! Over 550 pages of incredible art work and the Sexiest of all Second Life!
Enjoy Everyone and Happy Valentines Day from the PLAYHOUSE Family!

Love Jaz

That's what the Playhouse owner, editor and lead photographer JazmynCrystalStorm posted, and no surprise, this issue hits the newstands (with devastating momentum due to its brick-like thickness) bringing its patented brand of pictorials. Which feature a lot of beauties, starting of course from the latest ultimate winner of that very contested competition that leads to the obviously quite coveted 'Pet of the Month' spot! So, big congrats to Lacey Nora for getting your face (so to speak) on the cover...!

Is it hot in here or is it me?

....and to all the other girls featured here, including but not just another quite known face in porn, Jesse Jane, and the work of Jazmyn and of the photographer responsible for Lacey's centerfold, Michaela Vixen, who has collaborated this month (which is February, even if it's January still...ahhh i confuse myself!) also with Edvard Taurion's SL Connoisseur magazine. And again, not to get ahead of myself, but also in Connoisseur you will find an interview, by Michaela, with one of the models of this issue. And what a model she is!

Her name is Kyndred Kamala, and I need to pass her the virtual microphone a second now because she is not just a bombshell of a model in this issue , but also played a big role in the Playhouse Family!

- How did you become involved with Playhouse?

"Well, my partner and I started The Phoenix Society awhile back. We wanted a place for people to go hang out... couples.. singles too.. people that have an updated appearance...mesh bodies and such... So we started it out as invite only. When we went out, if we saw sexy classy avs that we liked to look at :P we'd say hi, explain the club to them and offer an invite... so its slowly growing the group.

Aerial shot provided by Jazmyn

Ryan my partner met Jazymyn one night while he was out roaming around - she was talking about her magazine.. he said hi - she's a crazy and he showed her Phoenix, which she loved, and asked us if she could do photo shoots there. We thought it would be beneficial to us both: for us, exposure to the club and new areas for her magazine shoots.
Then she offered an area at her sim for me to put a satellite store at -(I make clothes /shoes for mesh bodies) and in doing that and trying to get the store to look right we offered to redo her sim for her. Some people just have a knack for landscaping and design, which my partner Ryan does, and he loves to do it - she was so nice about putting so much info about us in her magazine, we thought we'd help her out and try to reduce some prims and make her sim a little more aesthetically pleasing.

It has nuts and cream, but I never got a praline like that! Great gift, but try keeping the lid on the box ....

- Do you also enjoy being a model yourself , and photography?

"Oh I love photography - I dont think I've ever spoken in the pornstars group even once but there are so many amazing photogs in there... they just blow me away so I like to see what everyone is posting. I take photos of my products I make: they aren't terrible, lol, but I learn alot watching all the people in that group and following their flickr... I've not really been much of a model.. although I was in Aroused once. :) But its fun!"

Jazmyn acts as fun host of the issue, with a naughty twist of course

Well, what a happy event to meet a long time lurker in the pages of the magazine, and the good things come in pair, I guess! But let's not get ourselves carried away and remember: if you think you can survive clicking through 556 pages of sexy avis, definetely get Playhouse, visiting their new and improved sim!

IM Jazmyncrystalstorm Resident for your shot at being in an ambitious magazine with one of the most outgoing and entertaining owners on the scene, and brace yourselves for her next issue!

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