Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Days of Future Past

Today I came out of hibernation a bit early, and on the door (door?) of my cave I found my copy of...

BUSTed Magazine

Out Now! Busted January 2016

With the usual punctuality, Busted released at the beginning of the month another issue full of sexy goodies, featuring girls who are never going to get a chest cold, very well protected as they are by natural tissue (or silicone based insulation). Well damn, I can't use any sci-fi innuendo, or I'll run out of those midway through this season of Intergalactic SLUTS.

I am sure that even with a mask, you recognized pornstar BeeQueen Smythe here! What do you mean 'what mask' ?

And so, one year in the future from its latest issue (well...not a really big timewarp, I know) Busted begins this 2016 with the usual well calibrated formula that mixes some of the finest pictorials of curvy models with informative and entertaining photoreports.

Jabba with TWO slave princesses for the price of one! He's totally going to get Leia'd!

The sci-fi theme of this issue (who was released mere days after the Force being unleashed) is coeherently carried over throughout the pages with remarkable results. Plenty intriguing and funny ideas with Be's fashion report, and the ever popular "Hot Spots" feature will bring you where no man has gone before where more than one man has gone before, and certainly should , as Be and Rachel illustrate plenty reasons to!

Desiree Loxely here posing as the sex fantasy of all trekkies, martians and gamma ray bomb victims out there!

But besides being a nice read (the issue includes a mesh body review of pornstars members and partygoer Selina Anatra's product), and a magazine with a certain depth and tons of entertainment and passion behind it, of COURSE you want to have Busted in your little greedy fingers for the hot curvy models! And with the very creative themed photosets by Rachel, Be and Solidx in this issue, you are not going to be disappointed.

Tron remains a classic, but this interpretation by SolidX, is the second sexiest I can think of...

I hope you didn't miss Busted earlier this month: remember that all you have to do is get to one of the many kiosks, with their unique, stylish presentation, and subscribe to the magazine to have it nicely delivered in your inventory at the beginning of the month sharp. You definitely also want to get a copy of the calendar, shot by Be with beautiful stylish pictures, and a plethora of hot models!  Head to the Busted HQ and get your copy for free!

Feel free to hit me up with news about the porn community: events, movies, magazine spreads, exhibitions! I am always glad to cover things you care about.