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Serial Clickers - Pick a Card!

You might think that I am being a day ahead for topliss tuesday, but nope! This is one of those posts who are meant to celebrate those exciting ventures by Sexiest Pornstars group members. Today it's the turn of the red hot (and hot red) Terri Topliss, who concluded what is just the first phase, first deck to be exactly, of her Pornstars Playing Cards set.

Queen Of Hearts Joker (Black)

Needless to say, this deck isn't just a testament to Terri's ingenuity and consistency, but also to the creativity of the various models involved, it's easy to see why.
In fact, Terri has been kind enough to share with us a bit more of what went on through this project, so, time to let her speak, don't you think? Enjoy!

- When did you get the idea of making this project?

" So, at the beginning of November I had an idea of doing a Queen of Hearts card for Topless Tuesday, I figured it would be fun and something different. I wasn't expecting how people would react, or to be getting IMs asking if they could do one. I thought about it and decided to do an entire deck. Still, I only asked thirteen models because I honestly didn't think I could get fifty four models to do it. As it's gone on, I've found I probably could have."

Queen of Diamonds 2 of Spades

- Was it difficult to coordinate a set of this type with the various models?

"It wasn't too bad, though I did learn a few things about it as I went. Usually I'd let my models know I was ready for their shoot, making sure they were all ready too, and then set a time to do it. It's really just a case of keeping you end goal in sight, and of course having it all written down so you know who is done, who is next, and who is coming up."

- Did you need to get involved a lot in their choice of look, or at all, on average?

" For most of my cards shoots I didn't have any at all, it was all my models. I did make a few suggestions on set now and then, usually getting her to remove her bra or panties, then showing her my shot with and without, asking which she liked better. There were a couple of times I had a choice between two outfits when it came to editing, but for most of my sessions what you see is on her card is what she choose as an outfit herself. I think that overall, they did really well in their choices."

Jack of Clubs 8 of Clubs

- Has the set turned out as expected, has it 'evolved' in unexpected ways, considering a big part of it lies also on the choices the models make with their outfits?

" I think that the biggest surprise was the way in which my Clubs Cards evolved into a quite obvious BDSM style. This wasn't planned at all, it was just how it ended up going as each card was shoot. Of course when it got to my own shoot for my 8 it has been pretty well established, so I went with it and did my whole collared and chained submission look as a cherry on top."

7 of Hearts 3 of Spades

- How long on average does it take to you to set it up, take the shot, edit your pictures for the set and most importantly, come up with those witty one-liners to introduce them in the pic descriptions?

" Oh my, this really is a curly one, haha. Things changed as shooting progressed. We started out with my first few sittings in my mobile studio parked on Miss Em's Porn*Stars Club beach. Later I had my own studio with lights and a backdrop, so shooting changed and so did time it took. I also learned tricks that allowed faster editing, so instead of taking an hour for each card, I was taking an hour to edit all four cards. Shooting was similar, early shoots could take up to two hours to get my four final cards out of what would have been between ten and twenty shots.

Later I was taking only two or three for each card, one of which was a background change to help with my editing, and I was finishing in nearer to an hour. My one liners I usually came up with as I was posting. I actually think I started to scrape the bottom of the barrel towards my final few posts though, and now I have to come up with over fifty more."

- I know you don't want to play favourites, but is there any card in particular from this set that comes to mind, brings you some memory?

" Picking a favourite would be really hard, I have so many. In a way I actually enjoyed my first shoots most, not because of who was modeling or their outfits, but rather it wasn't quite as serious. Being on a beach and using a home made pose ball and lights, it was a lot of fun. A lot of work too. Having my studio now is great and it makes taking the shots a lot easier and faster, but shoots now tend to also have become a lot more professional and they have lost a bit of that girls just having a good time feeling.

One more interesting shoot was the first where my studio is now. This was still with using my mobile studio so here we were, myself and my model, standing on this tiny platform high up in the sky over my club's pool. I was sure that at any moment I was going to accidentally walk backwards and fall off, ending up landing in it.

Queen of Clubs Ace of Diamonds

On outfits... I guess Adele's Queen, that one started a craze, haha. I have to say that I am very anti-smoking, I don't like it at all and so when she included a cigarette in her costume I was quite against it. I even took a number of shoots without her holding it, but when I was editing and looking through them, I realised that the best shot, it was of her holding it, and so it made it in even against my better judgment. "

- you even like card games in RL?

" I do actually, I even play a bit of online poker, though it didn't really figure into my doing this. The funny thing is I ended up with a real deal of cards sitting on my computer desk so, after making a couple of mistakes, I could check them to make sure that I got each card right. Sadly, in my album, there are a few that have mistakes.

Sandy's 8 of Hearts has hearts positioned incorrectly. Aura's name is too large a font size, and I misspelled Racheal's name on her first two cards. A couple of people have noted that my Queen of Hearts is missing a name, but as I said earlier, it was first, so at that point I wasn't naming them. "

7 of Clubs Jack of Hearts

- I know (insider sources, ahem) that there's a new deck in the making! Can you tell us something more about it, and other projects from Sharess Studio?

" Hehe, yes. I'm starting shooting, either very shortly, or possibly will have already started when this comes out. I think I have thirteen of the best models I didn't use in my first deck, though also still keeping to having a few that aren't as well known. Part of doing this deck is working out how to keep it consistent to my first, but also make it fresh. That is going to be a challenge.

6 of Hearts 4 of Hearts

There are a few more projects, I think most of those that know my work are now aware of my 50 Cowgirls project, basically taking a cowgirl sex position shot with a different actress each week for a year. My other projects are a bit more fluid in when and where. I do have a comic book scripted and will be working on shoots for that over the coming year as time and finances allow. I have an idea that was a flow on from the Playing cards, but I was beaten to that one just in the last few weeks, so I'm holding off on it for a bit while I do my second deck.

Also I really want to bring these cards in world as well. You know, we take these photos and they are viewed by several thousand people over the course of 4-5 days, and then.... that's it. I really want to do something where these pictures have a more permanent place in our in game lives, I started two projects for this, the first being inworld card games where players will be able to load my decks into it and even choose which cards to put into their own decks to play with. The second I tested over Christmas by sending it out to my fans.

7 of Spades 8 of Diamonds

This idea is for those that would like some of those cards that have been shot, or even have themselves on some cards. For it I'm creating a frame that holds either 4 of 5 cards, allowing them to order their own card collection as a poker hand or otherwise just any four cards they want.. I do still need to do a little bit of work on it to make it is ready for sale, but I do hope that people will like it and buy their favourite girls, or even come and get themselves added to a poker hand of their choice.."

Again today I had the pleasure to speak with a sexy model, photographer and actress who enjoys blogging for her fans and followers. Thanks so much to Terri for her time, to the gorgeous Sandy, Aura, Adele, Arienne Evangeline, Cream Release, Racheal Rexen, Monique LeFry, Partee, Donna Linn, Athena, Isabelle Cheviot, Selina Anatra for gracing this article with their beauty,  and to you readers for, ya know, reading! 
Remember that the whole set can and shall be seen in its entirety on Terri's flickr!
Contact me if you are interested in blog posts about -your- work!

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  1. Mwuah! Thank you for your interview, and your working putting this all together. Also I want to reiterate the thanks to the models of the first deck, and the one coming up. You girls are the greatest, and this project would be nothing without you all. Love you.