Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Nice Coconuts!

Boobs! Yes, just catching your attention as I cover the currently avalaible issue of...

BUSTed Magazine

Busted March 2016

We are barely one week and one major holiday away from a new smashing issue of Busted, so you have to rush to get your copy of the March issue in case you haven't. I am not saying this because of a HUGE bias having my beloved and sexy as f*ck partner Marika Blaisdale on it, of COURSE...

Buuuuuut anyway, you will LOVE Marika, in a full spread by Sol Walker! fact this issue is full as ever of sexy, Sexiest® Pornstars, in a series of quite surprising photoshoots, with their unique takes on the 'Night at the movies' theme, from the cover girl Akira Kira, to the delectable Terri Topliss, not to mention the resourceful Selina Anatra, a protagonist of the busty community with the release of her own brand of mesh body.

Terri is a Ginger Sonja in this issue! She has dangerous weapons, I tell you...

Shooting them, the talented duo of Rachel Swallows and Bewitched Difference, who issue after issue have been constantly surprised the readers with their whimsical shoots. Their ability to stage the model's grandiose appearance in every different themed photoset is as usual uncanny. And the part of the magazine not devoted to the individual models (and oh so many have applied and have been put on display in these pages) is an even bigger surprise and always full of informations.

Busted Cover March 2016
And the models are grateful! (tribute photo by Akira Kira)

This issue for instance, has the dynamic duo reporting from two fashion events Be has been blogging for and you can still visit, and one that Rachel was a sim builder for. With all the attention that magazines from the 'porn' scene give to the world of fashion, Busted has always had as its forte.

Selina Anatra showing off her creations, in a nice interview by Rachel

What stands out the most to me, besides again the memorable photography by all the staff and the characteristic, imaginative editorial fingerprint of this four-hands work, is the beautiful work done featuring Katmee's Coconut Island, a sim very dear to our Pornstars group members, currently hosting exhibits by Brea Brianna, Igor Romanov, Laura Demonista, and much more, having hosted in the past exhibits by Rachel herself, Graham Collinson, Domino Dupre, Marika Blaisdale, Rachel Avro, Tatiana Easterwood, Drakaina Lamia, and more. 
Be and Rachel did a wonderful job, and we'll talk about this sim again soon.

Meanwhile, go get Busted! Subscribe to their kiosks if you haven't yet, at Rachel's store or in many other in-world locations.... or get the issue from Marketplace! . A quality publication with a glorious history, and a long one not just for SL standards, you gotta check it out yourself and see what's the buzz about.

And tell me more about your magazines and projects, so we can work out a post and show it proudly here!

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