Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wanna Flick? The Beach is Back!

Today I had a special encounter that made me think it would have been a great day to blog Dillon Lecker's James Bond movie. But then of course my mind went in a different direction, and here's his latest,

I was prepared to the All Saints' 'Pure shores', because my mind still lags a decade or two behind and because Dillon is your closest match to Leo in porn. Yes I also have already used this line...What can I say? I keep my hopes high!

What can be said about this movie? First of all, starring in it we have besides the well traveled on (and off) screen couple of Carly and Dillon, the sexy pairing of Brea Brianna and M3 Jonson

The beach
Production shot by Carly Mode

It goes like this: Brea and Mack are getting it on, while Carly wanders the beach training her camera skills with her smartphone, while Dillon works out flexing his phythons...ya know what i mean.

"The Beach" is the latest example of Dillon's filmaking, featuring good and fun sex to a catchy soundtrack, the focus being Dillon and Carly, who once more express a wonderful dynamic and 'chemistry', if the word can make sense with pixel acting - but i tell you, with them, it does! But of course with also a chance for other actors to shine.

Speaking of shining (no, not one of Dillon's many project as far as I know), the movie is filmed impeccably and fluidly: Dillon looked very inspired in the visuals here, and certainly borrowing JJ Abrams' lens flare machine helped too.

On a semi-random note, instead of putting the spotlight on the second most recent movie by Dillon, I am going to dig up another flick from his past: not quite his debut, but something he did before I began covering movies on the blog on a semi-regular basis (oh my!).

Watching Carly taking selfies and getting spanked by Dillon in "The Beach" in fact got me back thinking of this Sextape, and how good it still looks after over a year and so much more movie experience from both. Ooo yes, they already looked hot!

The movie already shows many of the little directorial trademarks from him (does 'banging Carly' count as 'directorial trademark' ? Hmm, not sure). But most importantly, showed already Dillon's distinct perception of what makes a a 'movie' work, editing wise and with some well calibered camerawork, as he learned more tricks along the way.

In general, that's what makes Dillon's movies entertaining and worth watching for me: even in those flicks that are not openly comedic/throwbacks, you always get the feeling of a real cinema enthusiast at the helm, one who films with gusto the pixel sex making it interesting in every shot and transition. Even a simple concept as 'two avatars in a room, fucking' gets interesting when filmed properly. I know that RL porn IS about fucking in rooms, but you also know that it gets way stranger than that in SL!

Enjoy Dillon's latest and this little blast from the not-so-past past (you know I might sooner or later talk about that movie from 2010 Saffo reposted, hmm?), below after the jump!

Dear reader, I love to cover your work and any project you have been in, give me a reason to and a friendly reminder, and we'll do a post about it!

The Beach 


Sextape powered by XTube

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