Friday, March 11, 2016

Wanna Flick? Dirty Work

Today, a tale of a silken kitty and a busy bee or two!

In this post, I am covering the two latest movies by the gorgeous Racheal Rexen. A name no stranger to this blog and especially recurring these days. She increased her active contribution to SL Connoisseur, and to her already impressive resumé of photographer (red carpet too...), actress and of course model (check out Brit-x's current issue!) she can add with legitimacy the fancy title of 'Director'. You can read about her debut movie here, in the interview she kindly gave back in January at the eve of the release of the second movie, with Chris.

'Working Girls' has the larger cast of the two and the more involved plot and range of situations and locations. Racheal stars as a, well, yes, let's use the euphemism here, girl working on the street: she is seen in action with a cowhorer, err , coworker, the bonny Brunella Voelisa, as they service a customer played by the man we are getting to know better this day as 'Dag', GideaNinja Dagger, whom we recently followed surfing (and more).

After this opening act (no pun intended!), Racheal gets a business call. "When Sev wants some excitement, She calls for a working girl, Larry soon joins in on the fun".

And there we have our porn action: no need for me to wax lyricals about Larry Vinaver in another starring role. He played all sorts of husbands and partners, sometimes even in non-sexual roles, and all with the same level of professionalism, so it's good to see him getting it on in a hot threesome here!

Already admired in more than a movie from Dog Star and other roles, Sev (Lanisonia Resident) gets to be showcased in her beauty again in the lenghtier part, but Brunie and Dag in their intro remind us once more of the deep talent pool the world of Second Life porn can rely on. Nice display from everyone, with appropriate looks and all the locations serving their purpose.

Although Sev really should put less strenght into picking up the receiver next time.

A simpler concept but a funny one is at the base of 'Dirty Bish': "When Chris C and Racheal Rexen go to the laundromat, you know their clothes are coming off".

Slightly more complex than the synopsys actually would tell, 'Dirty Bish' does egregiously its job of showing the merciless tease the poor Chris C goes through...No matter how busy he is these days being an official photographer for Isabelle Cheviot's blog, you just can't get used to hot ladies teasing you like this!

Both movies, while retaining the simplicity that Racheal pointed out in her interview as very important, manage to incorporate typical editing 'tricks' you have seen in movies from more consummate professionals, such as the clothes fading out to show the strip down, and, of course, care about showing sex in the best possible way with next to no clipping.

 And wow, the details, too.

Both movies are a hot view with good and not so obvious casting choices, plenty of hardcore filmed already with great competence, and, characteristic I personally adore, they are obviously made by someone who knows how to put some fun into porn, from the face expression interaction in 'Dirty Bish', to the full-on 'crazy credits' moment in 'Working Girls'.

Enjoy both movies after the jump!

And if you have been in a movie or magazine or photoset that has not been covered on the blog yet, I'd appreciate to hear from you, we might work on a post about it !

Working Girls 

Dirty Bish 


  1. thanks very much for covering racheals creativity and hard work. was alot of fun working with her!