Friday, March 4, 2016

Wanna Flick? Requiem for a Requiem

Of all the possible movies I could cover today, with a few rather interesting new releases (one of which sees also my personal involvement in, yum yum), I choose to speak about one from a filmaker I have not featured in a while. This one is , or should I say 'was' because it sounds kinda ominous otherwise, Isabelle Cheviot's Requiem.

req·ui·em (rĕk′wē-əm, rē′kwē-)
1. Requiem Roman Catholic Church
a. A mass for a deceased person.
b. A musical composition for such a mass.
2. A hymn, composition, or service for the dead.

Since Isabelle is almost as much of a devout and fervent believer as I am, and her experiences with church and Romans are not really orthodox, I am really glad to tell that officially the title is not to be taken literally. In fact, of all movies of Isa that I have not covered on the blog (yet), this was the one that I truly wanted to get off my chest as a sort of liberation, once I would be certain that the break from filming of the workaholic Dog Star Productions director was coming to an end.
Had this been Isa's farewell movie, it would have been an examplary testament to what she obviously tries to bring to the porn world in terms of narrative (it's not an accident that this is part of her 'Bedtime stories' series, telling 'as much of a narrative as a short porn movie should contain.' to quote her) and character focus. But this was never meant to be a real farewell, just a dirge from separation anxiety.

Dog Star does an impeccable job of blogging their releases, and in fact it would deserve a separate story, the breakdown of how they have grown immensely in the blogging department showcasing almost daily new talents with their original interviews and pictorials. The presentation of this movie went like this.

"On a world with a dying sun..."

So begins Requiem, a film I shot with Severina and Jon Demen, and the last I will be releasing in the near future. My attempt here is to set a mood of sorrow and loss while at the same time making the sex hot - I feel like I've come close to capturing what I wanted. I hope you enjoy this film. It's a bit out of the norm for me, a little artsier perhaps but one that I'm proud of.

The sober prelude sets the movie in a timeless space, sort of an end of times where (when...) past and future become meaningless, and you can only live the here and now. Two women and one man meet, and that's the only thing that matters. What you see in the screencaps, is all that matters, and I need to add nothing more. (But i still will before I tell you 'watch the movie after the jump, because...hey, I have more cumshots and titty and ass pics to post!)

I am not trying to be philosophical for the sake of playing reviewer here: there is something innately powerful about the thought of sex on the brink of annhilation. Far from being joyless, the sex between the three protagonists in in true Dog Star tradition perfectly filmed: some pics here are actually screenshots from Sword Swallowing vol. 4, Isa's compilation of, well, fellatios, one of the many little ways that she found to keep the fans entertained and well aware of Dog Star's presence while she weathered the RL storms getting back on track to be ready to proper filming again.

Also far far from beign artsy for the sake of it is the scenery, which truly exhalts the hot looks of all three. SL has tons of shnazzy if slightly apocalyptic windlights, and the one used here by Isa is a perfect fit. The movie gives a true chance to shine to relatively new additions to porn Severina ( lanisonia ) and Jon Demen (another hot guy debuting in movies with Dog Star!), and is one further reminder that it's great to have Isa behind the camera, but heck, she definitely belongs in front of it too!

Enough screencaps and such, it's just time to watch the movie and enjoy!

Ohai! Click below and check the movies out! Both Requiem and the Sword Swallowing 4 cumpilation!


Sword Swallowing - Volume 4

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