Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Babes Not Included

Tuesday is a particularly good day to have a look at all the Sexiest® Pornstars. Just not quite the best when it comes to keep eye contact, tho! A prime example being....


Brit-X No. 11

Yes, certain aspects of the porn world work much better when considered in pairs, and when I think of the magazine Brit-X I cannot help but think of their crew and be reminded of their fun parties happening, in perfect Topless Tuesday tradition.
Have you checked out their latest issue already? To quote the magazine editor and co-owner Kat Kassner, "this extravaganza of T and A I will hereon refer to as "Issue 11!" ?

Margie by B.E.N.
A beautiful girl from the colonies, Margie Blanco, in this shot by the Big Notorious Ben!

To sum it up quickly, plenty sexy pin-up shoots, complete with posters, by and with members of our community. I am quite fond of debuts as you know, and The Notorious B.E.N. shows he has what it takes to be in a magazine with photos of the quality Brit-X's readers (well, lookers) are used to. Bringing to their pages porn darling Margarita Blanco  in a shoot that manages to keep the high standard of the many pictorials we have previously seen her in.

  Leffe by Kat
Have I mentioned it's Topless Tuesday? This is how Kat Kassner show the merchandise of Leffe Levenque

But, there's more, as the issue is"a blend of returning hotties and sexy debutants".
Returning like the gorgeous and talented Holly Arkright, two times now covergirl as photographer and model. Laredo Lowtide again gives their debut to two sultry beauties, Kayleigh and Gee, and oh, did I just mention Kat?

Brit-X No. 11
Come on, give me your 'eruption' jokes now.... 

Kat, Laredo and their network of new and 'historic' friends and collaborators gravitating towards the Britannia sim in its different incarnations always ends up getting my interest. Not just because they have been and are generally quite active on Flickr, but also because of the many other initiatives that help bringing a fresh perspective to the mix in the 'porn' scene. Their parties are always a highlight of the week in my book, and as the mag is about to celebrate its 12th issue, the list of talents who got their first magazine shoot or cover thanks to them is truly impressive.

Tentacle Brit-X Dancing Horror!

Topless Tuesday party pic at Rebel's , by Laredo. And yes it all really happened !

So, just get Brit-X! You can browse your copy online on their blog, but I suggest getting your copy inworld, complete with posters. From Marketplace, or even better, subscribing thanks to their kiosk. Maybe you can get your copy at the next party, @ Renegades!

Show me your magazine, and i'll feature it here! I love to help you showcase your efforts!

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