Sunday, June 11, 2017

Spotlight: June 11 ∙ Dokielicious Doobie

 Dokie Portrait ∙ by Ali

 'Spotlight' is a special photo gallery featuring works by photographers and models from our community ∙ enjoy!  -Ali

  Dokie is our resident over-sexed, ginger, girl-next-door fantasy and I think that she might be one of the most sexually inviting people in Second Life porn, and here's why..  Because she's an over-sexed, ginger, girl-next-door fantasy.  Oh, she's coy with a hint of shyness blended ever so inconspicuously with the secret sense of carnal knowing reserved for only the finest of dirty girls who always get what they want.  That's not all.. Dokie is also one of the most talented photographers and production designers this side of a log-in.  To say Dokie has a unique style is an understatement.  She has crafted her own world within a world, which she fully commands.  We are all helpless fans of the eye-candy work she so carefully creates for her Criss Bliss Studios.  Attention to detail in her composition is second to none, from her posing, facial expressions, set/scene building, props, lighting, camera angles and editing.  Dokie is just a dear heart and she's one of my favorite people in the community.  I love her sense of humor! - Check out her comics.  Please enjoy a sampling of her amazing-sexy work along with a few photos of Dokie taken by others  :)

For the full effect do not miss Dokie's Flickr here:





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  1. this is a great series i enjoying viewing it. i wish the best of luck to anyone wanting to at some point be included.