Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Pornstars' Rack: One Day in Sunny June

Yes, I am a sucker for a decade old Jamiroquai song, so....Well, can't wait 7 full days, we have today a magazine and a party! I am talking about...

SL Connoisseur

Another issue of SL Connoisseur in the rack of the sexy mags, with more articles, more interviews, more products and - as you may have imagined - more sexy girls! Yup, that's the part we like the most, don't we?

Similarly to real life, magazines in SL are palatable vehicles for a variety of reasons. The amount of SL related photos that flow through the metaverse, flickr in particular, is easily a 4 or even 5 digits figure per week and month. But a magazine appearance, ah, it is always a keeper, something that will stick and help differentiate yourself from most. That's obviously something the content creators who are behind Edvard Taurion understand and appreciate. And as far as this blog that likes to detail the efforts of the Sexiest Pornstars members is concerned, it is true when you do 'serious business' but also when the 'product' is being a model and / or your writing, photographic, artistic skills.

Parties are open to both Elegant ladies (Sandy Miggins on the left) and weirdos (the chick on the right...)

So, in this issue for instance we see Lesley Aristocrat continue her active contribution to the mag on a mission as location reporter. Her article together with beautiful photography has a spot-on interview featuring one of the most lovely adult resorts, definitely a highlight of the issue. Onisa Lundquist is not only the dynamic DJ of the parties, but also the senior fashion reporter for the magazine, and delivers in this issue as well with a neat presentation.

Onisa keeps that tongue well trained for her DJ session...She does have a beautiful voice during the sets!

I find only fitting then that in this issue as Pet of the month we have in fact a sexy centerfold with a porn starlet on the rise, the bodaceous Goo (Nickixsantos Resident) photographed by the most recent addition to the SL Connoisseur staff, none other than the very appreciated member of the Sexiest group Leannan McCormick. And that the cover model happens to be one of the most famous adult furniture designer, the ever kind and supportive Alina Graf, shot by Kristina Deschanel.

The 'caramel delight' - ̗̀ Ģσσ  ̖́- is one of the models to look out for these days.

I won't repeat myself commending Kristina's work on the magazine from the technical fundamentals to the support photography (although, I kinda just did it, didn't I?), but one interesting aspect that I need to stress is that the social side of SL Connoisseur and its release parties is even more prominent in this issue. Kristina not only brings us photos of all the partygoers that partecipated to the May the 4th event (and their derriere!), but also debuts a special feature that focuses on one "Party Star". The looker this time is Candy Charms aka NaughtyAhhh, another name familiar to the pornstars circles.

Candy and her obvious 'charms' right there for your viewing pleasure! 

Then it becomes obvious, right? You really should be on the lookout for the party, starting today Thursday June 1st at 11 AM slt, with Onisa as dj and a prize for all the BDSM lovers out there. I won't say anything more!

Except of course the fact that you can and should get the issue here: .

Thanks to Edvard for his cooperation: feel free to write me if you want coverage of your magazine, movie or anything on the Pornstars blog!

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