Friday, August 5, 2016

Spotlight: August 5 ∙ Emmanuelle Jameson



  Emmanuelle Jameson

'Spotlight' is a special photo gallery featuring works by photographers and models from our community ∙ enjoy!  -Ali

  Emmaneulle Jameson is the quintessential pornstar.  She founded the Sexiest SL group and also this blog.  (Normally I'd place the blog link below where her Flickr links are, but we're already on her blog!).  Besides being our fearless founder and an amazing pornstar, Emma has also sponsored the Sexiest Awards and produced beautiful venues and awards shows.  On top of all this, I can say from experience that Emmanuelle is a very creative and positive, lovely woman and a pleasure to work with.  Did I mention she's super nice?  Please enjoy the images below, some by Emma and some by others.

Emmaneulle's Flickrs:

 Pool Table ∙ by Emmanuelle

Display ∙ by Emmanuelle

Bench ∙ by Emmanuelle

Emmanuelle for SL Connoisseur ∙ by Cream Release

Yacht ∙ by Emmanuelle

Rays Of Light ∙ by Emmanuelle

Touched ∙ by Emmanuelle

Thirsty ! ∙ by Tatiana Easterwood

Tank Top ∙ by Emmanuelle

Rear View ∙ by Emmanuelle

Volume 6: Issue 7 Covergirl Jennnnna Jameson ∙ by Jumpman Lane

Towel ∙ by Emmanuelle

Ema Blog Cover (the very first) ∙ Photo by Jinx Jiersen

Thanksgiving ∙ by Emmanuelle

I Am Your Song ∙ by S N A P S H O T S

Floating ∙ by Emmanuelle

Bound ∙ by Emmanuelle

 At Sea ∙ by Emmanuelle

Famous (In Bed) ∙ by Emmanuelle


  1. OMG thank you, Ali!!!! I love all your picture picks!!! And from so many sources. And you are even nicer!!!

  2. Oh and the pic u took is a beautiful as any! TY for that gift!

  3. You're welcome, it was my pleasure, Emma!!! I'm happy you like the Spotlight post and my pic! And thanks so much for posing and for your patience!

  4. "It is official. I'm the cover girl for Slut Magazine's latest edition."- Jennnnna Jameson Tuesday, July 21, 2009

    How time flies! "Our Jennnnna is STILL better than YOUR Jenna." Jenna Jameson might be famous in RL; but in SL you ARE A LEGEND!