Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Pornstars' Rack: Day of the Lively!

Survived the Halloween craze? Good, no tricks here, just the latest issue of...

SL Connoisseur

A brand new issue of SL Connoisseur was released, and it certainly does bring a lot of newness from brands! Every member of the Sexiest group and every reader of this blog is familiar by now to Edvard Taurion's blog and activities promoting furniture: it's remarkable to see how much this magazine project grows and brings aboard for the ride interesting designers on this erotic magazine. They are obviously doing something right!

Such stirring panoramic views...of autumn, in this issue!

In perfect SL Connoisseur tradition the Pet of the month is no ancillary spotlight though, and the pictorial by Cas Rebellious (castiel1986) featuring Jacky Mindes is a beauty, proudly flaunted by the model in her profile. Of course if we were to judge the magazine by its cover (I was told not do that for books, thank you very much!) we'd guess that our trusted pornie Suffy (Leannan McCormick) did another fine job on the issue, and we'd be right! And not just with the centerfold, featuring Destiny Mynx...

A thorough job by the new sim editor, with Cas' picture as support

The nearly 200 pages of content predictably do give us more chances to see Suff's name, and Edvard's, for instance in the joint interview with one of the designers, but also Cas' photography, at the service of one of the main features of the issue, a sim report by his partner Lulu Forever-Rebellious (tallulahaustin): a rich interview with no dull moments, more info about SL as a 50s housewife you'd ever think possible, and the scoop that Elvis is still alive! I swear, this is not the National Enquirer...

Niki (nicolabcole) shows and tells with several well respected designers in this issue too.

Saving for last the main contributor of the issue, and poster girl for the quality and quantity of interviews SLC brings also thanks to her efforts: Niki Cole performs interview and modeling for three designers. Poses, hair and of course clothes, Niki is a perfect fit for the style of the publication. She brings professional and well polished articles with her own pertinent touches in the tried and true framework of SLC, adding further points of interest to the overall package.

Trust Kristina to make beautiful captures of the party hotties!

Do you want to be on the magazine? Perhaps it can be as easy as showing up at the party, and end up a Party Star with a full spread: it was Sinful Trueblood (sinfullilsecret)'s turn under the lens of the attentive Kristina Deschanel, the backbone (and such a fine back!) of the magazine that we never praise enough. Your chances then comes at 11 AM SLT, with the usual suspect Leannan being the dj

Check the magazine out here:

And if you'd like an opportunity to see your magazine, movie or anything related to the work of The Sexiest members featured in this blog, feel free to IM!

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