Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Pornstars' Rack: I don't care what your momma says...

Christmas time is nee-ear!And so it's time to get to the newest issue of...

SL Connoisseur

Whether you have been naughty or nice, here's your spanking new issue of SL Connoisseur! Gosh, feels like yesterday when I have been asked to pose for this very magazine on the Xmas issue, and I have vivid memories of it. Time has passed but the formula of the magazine hasn't changed: bringing a special showcase for Edvard Taurion's expertise in the coverage and promotion of products, with a fine complement of suggested traveling destinations and most importantly, hot chicks!

First place to visit? Every SLC release party, first Thursday of every month! Kristina takes photos!

Browsing the magazine you don't get the feeling of flipping through a boring business catalogue, thanks to the variety of features, and also to some inspired choices. Magazines require planning, and coming out early December with an issue already fully equipped for Christmas can be challenging. Fear not, you'll find a healthy dose of trinkets and ribbons on pine trees and hmm, on the sexy models, for a nice traditional holiday. The pet of the month ɱαđi (Madilu Resident) brings a sexy white xmas with Rudolf guest starring, in another great contribution by Cas Rebellious (castiel1986), also responsible for the sim report photography.

Xmas in SL comes with with minimal clothing!

Speaking of which, the sim reporter herself ℒυℓυ Ŧøяєvєг-яєвєℓℓισυs, aka TallulahAustin gets to shine with a vintage style pin up shoot, the best possible style for a glorious Christmas pictorial by Djane extraordinaire and huntress for the inner slut Leannan McCormick (Sufferingfrom Lockjaw). The sim reports in this issue are again a strong point of the magazine, with Lulu's interviwing style being quite pleasant and extensive, formulating original questions and not being afraid to get into unconfortable territory - such as mentioning the Star Wars Holiday Special!

Insert here your joke about reaching for the balls and not getting to the tip just yet. Done? Thanks.

That being said, I fancy singling out also one particular choice amongst the others that involves just about the polar opposite of a traditional Christmas setting. Well, don't take that literally, I don't mean South Pole as opposed to Santa's North Pole. I mean more like, the Equator. Trust me, I don't like being sappy and I certainly don't hate a Coca Cola kind of Crimbo: i am all for excessive eating and for the bearded dude in the ermine-lined coat whipping reindeers all night long. Just saying tho, that putting in the issue a feature about "Feed a smile", was a really nice touch.

You will find all the informations about donating on the issue. It is a worthy cause!

Okay now, do you want to be on the magazine? Just show up at the upcoming party! Kristina Deschanel, the hard working girl that puts it all together, contributes to the page count greatly through her party photos that open every issue. And you could be a Party Star with an extended photoset, just like it happened last time to Kei Frequency. Newcomers and true veterans alike have been featured here. Your chances comes at 11 AM SLT.

Always a welcome sight at porn parties, the immarcescible Kei

DJ Leannan will be there, Ed will be there, Kristina, and everyone else you can compliment about the new issue. Just come over ! .
The magazine is here for you to check out

If you'd like an opportunity to see your magazine featured in this blog, feel free to contact a member of the team such as myself!

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