Friday, September 7, 2018

A Sexiest® Movie Premiere: Glitter Snatch !

Extra extra! Read all about it ! New moving picture from Mitzy Broadway! The pony express just delivered the celluloid reels at Gemini ! Premiere will begin at 7 PM today! Extra extra !

Yes, I think every single movie premiere post I have written in these years on the pornstars blog was built over variations of the "Omg movie premieres are awesome" concept: they are the crowning moment of a process that may have lasted months and are befitting the importance and prestige value of such an accomplishment.
Especially true in case of Mitzy's movie premieres. A chance for a reunion of the large ensemble cast, but also for Mitzy herself to cast for the next projects - which I am sure she must have in her mind already (yes I am totally setting her up...)!

"Glitter Snatch" is even more of a choral effort than the previous were, if it's possible. Mitzy has never been one to hog the spotlight: movies like 'Dystopia' or 'Queen of Porn' had room for lenghty sequences with other characters, not just for cameos. The narrative focus though, always followed her character's arc, even when she was in position to be merely a bystander and a witness we as spectators would identify with. The perfect example being 'Circus Erotica', where Mitzy's character as a modern day Alice in wonderland was not always the agent of the story, but rather a perfect surrogate of the spectator, taken for a wondrous ride exactly and just for the duration of the show that the ticket would buy. In this movie, the structure is different, the scope is if possible even larger.

It was hard to top the imaginific peaks reached in the whimsical porn of Circus Erotica and its burtonesque creations (and creatures!), but as a movie, Glitter Snatch doesn't give up on a surreal take (it's called 'Glitter Snatch', for Pete' sake! There's a giant golden vagina!), but brilliantly takes on a formula commonly used in 'family' and comedy shows, and that allows several characters to shine running differnt routes to a common goal. I am talking about the 'racing' movie. It's a genre that harbored cult classics like one of my favourite italian movies of the past 20 years (that I am not even gonna bother mention:p), like 'The cannonball run' with the just departed Burt Reynolds, and of course the Wacky Races show - certainly the girls racing to Lust, California here meet more than one dastardly dick on the way.

The movie is a western, but it's not a story of gunslingers and violence: it's the West at the turn of the century, with steampunk vehicles and a strictly feminine perspective, as the event that sets this story in motion is..a dime store novel encouraging sexually active young women to go west to 'tame' the miners crowding the town where the mythical golden vein called 'Glitter Snatch' would be located.
"Five of the fastest steam transportation methods were developed to travel overland on the California Split Tail Pass and the Beaver River. The ladies journals are filled with erotic encounters of the Wild West traveling to Lust, California."

What to say about a movie like this? It succeeds on every level, offering once more imaginative visuals with great scenes for the cast in their separate adventures, plus memorable ensemble moments, one of which is a musical number once more coreographed by the wonderful Sasha Johansen. Cinema is made also of these details: the timing and placement for the characters to break into a dance!

There are so many exceptional 'performances' in this movie, from the way the acting talents put together their outfits (and you can admire some in the photos presented here...altho mostly will be scantily clad!), to the voice acting, with a 'old man from the west' characterization by Rysan Fall that is pure "gooooooold", up up to the intangibles such Rachel Avro's patient work coordinating shoots and costumes and all the various requirements. As for Mitzy's direction and editing and whatnot, there's not much point in stating the obvious. Come see the movie tonight, and you'll be the one doing the job for me.


A Max Long Film
From Rude Runner Studios
A Filthy Penny Production

Written and Directed by
Mitzy Broadway


Max Long - Crazy Bill
Faith Darrow - Miss Kay

Glitter Saloon

Faith Darrow
Grim Skall
Mirko Panacek
Max Long

Steam Builder

Terrin Rembrandt

Wanted Poster

Rachel Avro
Alexandria Topaz
Damien Godard

Desert Mirage

Katina Cazalet
Vicki Concertina

Beaver Inspection

Vixxen Clowes
Sasha Johansen

The Medicine Man

Heather Ashford
Tour Diddy
Wyatt Stone
Daimaju Clowes

Glitter River Bridge

Mitzy Broadway
Anyka Aiseiri
Larry Vinaver

Steam Dance Troupe

Mitzy Broadway
Anyka Aiseiri
Heather Ashford
Vixxen Clowes
Sasha Johansen
Katina Cazalet
Vicki Concertina
Rachel Avro
Alexandria Topaz

Glitter Snatch Mine

Mitzy Broadway
Max Long
Faith Darrow

Featuring the Voice of
Rysan Fall

Special Voice Guests

Softones - Steam Car Journal
The Girl Who Talks - Steam Bike Journal
Createva - Steam Boat Journal
Miss Shavonne - Steam Balloon Journal
Alexa Johnson - Steam Train Journal

Filthy Casting
Rachel Avro

Filthy Choreographer
Sasha Johansen

Special Thanks to Patreon
Heather Ashford

Sound by
Dirty Sex and Magic


Westward Instrumental
Buffalo Bill
Ragtime Saloon
Country Fish
Railway Blues
Cowboys and Indians
Foggy Mountain Stomp
The Royal Great Western
Household Blues

Shot, Cropped and Scored by
Mitzy Broadway

A Filthy Penny Production

And there's even a post credits scene!
To close the post, a small chat I had with Mitzy at release time.

"It's a ton of fun telling a story and having sex within a story. Rachel and Heather they both help out a lot and are right there with me. 
A lot of costumes involved when you tell a story, have a set design in mind you want and props, I went through various windlight settings and made my own for the backdrops. I found when you added atmosphere to the settings you make the depth  even look more realistic. 
The studio was a total of 4 levels; I used every prim I had while I was there. I rented the sim for 5 weeks, took me a week to build it and 4 weeks to film it, another 5 weeks plus to edit. I had to test the train, all the vehicles: Larry was like a small child when he was on the train!
He thanked me so many times for that part. And it was fun working with Tour, he showed up first so he made all of them call him Chief. "

And while thanking Chief Tour for the slight change from the party planning schedule, I again point you to tonight's appointment with the movie premiere. We'll start at 7 PM SLT with the movie screening, followed by a 7:30 PM Official Pornstars Party with HaileyMarie Redrose as dj ! The stage is set, Mitzy will have way more stories to tell and a lot of casting and choices happen during these special events, so do not miss out!

Thanks again to Rachel Avro and of course Mitzy Broadway for the collaboration. If you want to organize movie premieres on your sim or any location (we are happy to assist in that capacity as well) , please feel free to call me in-world, completely toll-free. And as usual, movies, magazines and various project will receive coverage on the blog as well if you just ask. :-)

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