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A Sexiest® Movie Premiere: Planet of Women

Ready for a trip into the future? Oh, I already used this line actually a couple of these posts ago, but hey, what can I do, sci-fi is inspiring, and Mitzy Broadway is ready to bring another exceptional movie event to the community! I say movie event because, the movie itself is nicely wrapped up and packaged as we speak, and it's time to cap months of hard work with a MOVIE PREMIERE!

Here's then a shoutout for the premiere, happening today Saturday September 14th, at 7 PM SLT for PLANET OF WOMEN, the latest Filthy Penny production (music entertainment will begin close to the usual 8 PM time). It will be a perfect chance for you to dress up and meet the director and the cast! Heck, if you are part of the cast, it'll be a good chance for you to meet everyone else without strange appendages sticking out of your dress ! Yes, because, the women of this planet, are sort of the evolution of the species...

"Again man has destroyed the one thing we needed most, a home.  Their wars and posturing have polluted our ecosystem with devastating radioactive fallout.  So much so that there have been document mutations within the human genome.  With insects no less.  I guess it was just a matter of time until we came to this. Some insects have been known to survive anything.

I met one, a honey bee, in the wastelands.  She was part of a movement to leave this dying world for someplace out there, anywhere out there really.  Anywhere that they would be able to terraform and make into the new world.
She talked for hours about how a group of scientists had it all worked out.  They had been able to find viable rocket parts to build their own ship.  Only problem was that it would only hold  eight people, four women, and four men. 

About a year later I wondered what happened, and I had some time, so I figured I would hop on over there and take a look.
The rocket had gotten them to Planet V, but the whole sling shot idea didn’t pan out so well.  They ended up colliding with a larger asteroid, and with no way off anytime soon, they started their own little society.   The women all survived, but the men weren’t so lucky.  So much for being the stronger sex and all. "
This is just an abridged version of the intro, but you do get the idea! And if you don't, and you are still trying to wrap your head around it all, rest assured, you'll understand the rules of this world soon!

In our chats about the movie, Mitzy jokingly said that at the very least she must have set a record in this movie for "first bug sex in a SL Porn movie". While I am not as big of a SL porn historian to be able to properly certify this Guinness world record, I can tell you it won't take you several pints of the eponymous beer to fancy getting down and dirty with the bugs appearing here. This is the kind of inventiveness and quirk that only SL movies can quite dare to bring to porn.

This may be hardcore sci-fi, but not 'hard sci-fi': the premise of the story is carried out with the levity that would have made Melies proud, as the rocket is launched into space in an ill-advised plan and happens to plop onto a celestial body big enough to host life. The intro takes its time introducing a narrating entity (played once more by the golden voiced Rysan Fall) whose fate, no spoiler, may be linked to the one of the valiant volunteers who leave a dying Earth to start anew somewhere else, and dividing into four factions: Bees, Steam punks, Scarabs, Fembots.

And then the fascination of pure experimentation begins. Mitzy's movies always involve a sizeable cast, and this time the idea of splitting it in four factions allows for a variety of combinations and permutations that truly let her imagination go wild. Clocking in at just over 40 minutes, half an hour of the movie is devoted to joys of sex with never a dull moment or a sensation of repetition, even when the structure of the plot seems headed for it, with each faction being quite literally spawned, and introduced. And well, with everyone being you know, a woman! Oh but girls know how to get their fun, especially when mutations are a factor and tools are abundant.

And not every character belongs to the framing: I need to give more than a passing mention (again without spoiling the story) to the fact that a wild card is introduced in the power struggle tipping balances. "Planet of women" does in fact have a charismatic male actor in a pivotal role, and it's that man Larry Vinaver to be tasked the role of a Yojimbo-like character playing each faction. A honor that shares quite admirably with another addition to the cast, the lovely Shae Bellambi, a talent that has been around the world of porn for a long time and that answered the call pulling the role off admirably.

The movie has four Queens who are indeed at the top of the porn world today, but the cast as a whole is pure porn royalty, even those who have only dabbled in the 7th art briefly or debut with this: the unenviable task to oversee to the complex scheduling of this movie ('aggressive scheduling' as it was dubbed!) was once more performed by casting director Rachel Avro. There would be so much to tell about this movie: a selection of screenshots is already, I hope, pretty telling of the wonders brought by pure set making happening. Being on set at the Aquilae sim has been a true experience.

Special thanks have to go to the executive director (not to mention, gorgeous Egyptian queen!) Heather Ashford, making possible a production that looks and feels great already at first glance. Her collaboration with Mitzy have always produced outstanding results in every aspect, and this is yet another gem in the crown. I realize I said so very little about the direction itself (I particularly appreciated the composition in group shots, for instance), but, you know what, the brilliant visuals deserve being seen in motion, and that's exactly what I want to promote here so, here the credits for the movie, and I'll see you after the proverbial jump for the rest!

Planet of Women

A Max Long Film
From Rude Runner Studios
A Filthy Penny Production

Written and Directed by
Mitzy Broadway


Last night on Earth

Mitzy Broadway as Honey Bee
Max Long as Glow

Rocket to Venus

Mitzy Broadway
Rachel Avro
Heather Ashford
Vixxen Rainbow
Crashy Greyhound
Tour Diddy
Grim Skall
Terrin Rembrandt

The Water District

Mitzy Broadway as the Queen Bee

Katina Cazalet
Vicki Concertina
Occasus Vlodovic
Iris Okiddo
as the Genetic Sex Bees

The Power District

Rachel Avro as the Steam Queen

Anyka Aiseiri
Tricia Danielson
Stacey Lucciano
Renni Augustine
as the Genetic Sex Punks

The Garden District

Heather Ashford as the Scarab Queen

Lavina Kraki
Moonie Mouse
Emeelee Ember
Seddy Constantine
as the Genetic Sex Scarabs

The Tech District

Vixxen Rainbow as the Fembot Queen

Kioke Mio
Sasha Johansen
Cathy Palen
Candy Kane
as the Genetic Sex Fembots

Male Shift Mutation
Larry Vinaver

Female Shift Mutation
Shae Bellambi

Bastet Shift Mutation
Laren Silverfall

Featuring the voice of
Rysan Fall

Sound by
Dirty Sex and Magic

Executive Director
Heather Ashford

Casting Director
Rachel Avro

The Ambient
Shifting Focus
Industrial Drive
Dream Catcher

Mouth Money
Space Invasion

Shot, Cropped and Scored by
Mitzy Broadway

A Filthy Penny Production

And that's all for now! You just have to actually watch the movie, hm? We always say it when it comes to the regular pornstar parties, but a movie premiere is without a doubt a key opportunity for anyone who wants to be in the business: many people that have been in this flick have had a chance exactly because they made their presence, and appreciation, known in the past. And even if movies are not your focus or you don't think you'd be a good fit (you may be wrong there, just saying!), showing up for one of the few events truly specific of our porn universe is a way to support the great effort that moviemaking is, in every aspect. Join us at 7 PM on site - and we'll have all the fun and music of the pornstar party right after!
Every gender welcome, I promise! We have a breathable atmosphere! (bring your own oxygen just in case?)

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