Monday, November 25, 2013

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day : Nov 25

The Winner Takes them all - Season 2

The Winner Takes them all - Season 2. By Tatiana Easterwood. Amazing work, and the very best detail in this wild and naughty scene! Congrats you're all The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day!

As you can see this one features a lot of people and as usual Tati is awesome on her image credits. I'm posting them right below....

The new season of our favorite TV Show is now started

Our 3 champions : Carla, Dolls and Raquel did an fantastic performance and gave us a AMAZING show on Channel 69 HD yesterday night (HD stands for Hard Dick indeed).

Our 3 brave candidates were so so happy !! They didn't even wanted to leave the stands after the show ended !!

We were also proud to welcome the winner of last year. Sitting on his ice bucket, he was here to applause and support the new candidates.

Featuring :

- The DOC-TORR, Yarnick Grau and Mirko Panacek are the Candidates

- Carla Draesia, Murderdolls24 and Raquel Meiyo are the Champions

- Katina Cazalet is the Camera Operator

- Tatiana Easterwood is the Presenter

- ArnnO PlaNer is the 2012 Winner of TWTTA

- And Rosa Moeleneaux, Jack Frost, Virgil, Sand Darkthorn, Karma moonbeam, Deirdre Paulino, Paris and several forms of Katina and I are our amazing audience.

Thank you all so much !!

Picture inspired by Carla

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