Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hello! Pornstars! : Club Erotique : Feb 7


I am very grateful to two Pornstars members, Erika Thorkveld, and Pel Beaton this week for providing me with simply awesome party pics! Especially seems as some glitch had mine saved at a size i could not use!

This post covers friday at Club Erotique, which opened the weekly 'Pornstars Official Block Party' starting at Erotique, before moving on for the second half of the event at Hard Alley. Please join us next time if you missed it, for 'Two venues, One Big Party!'

Pel's pics are the wider ones seen here, with Erika's being the narrower shots. Huge thanks to you once again.

More 'Hello! Pornstars!' to come later in the week!

More Partying At Erotique Today With DJ Yana! 1.00pm SLT. 
In The 'New Beginnings' Gallery Exhibit.



More Party Pics After The Jump!!!

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