Friday, February 21, 2014

The Pornstars Rack: February Magazines part 2

Told you we like magazines, right?
Well, as i have hinted in the previous Gallery post, just yesterday Eros Magazine hit the virtual stands.

Eros Magazine

Eros February 2014

Eros, compared to the magazines covered in our previous installment of the month, is a younger publication, but it is already at its sixth release and it is surely finding its way, with recognizable and unique recurring features. This issue presents us the fine work of some of quite a few Sexiest Pornstars members, both behind and in front of the camera: Zaria Velde, Louise and Serenity Kristan-Faulds, Fleur Coco, Graham Collinson. Ace Nokkers, Spirit Eleonara, Jadelyn McAuley, Woozer, Kei Frequency. Louise and Graham in particular, the longest time contributors of the magazine, deserve credit having done as usual impeccable work illustrating the 'Hot Shots" interviews done by magazine owner Lizzie Yazzie to the Magic couple of Tru and Sky.

Just Us

Valentines Pic - Eros

Another highlight of the mag is without a doubt 'The view', with different photographers shooting the same model, displaying her beauty each one under their own light. Spirit Eleonara is the model this month, and you can see one of the four interpretations right there on the cover, by Kei Frequency.

Sprite (2.20.14)
Spirit Eleonara - For Eros Magazine

...and one by Jadelyn Mc-Auley here!
Great concept, congrats to whoever came up with it!

You can see the rest in the magazine: subscribe the ' EROS: Magazine Membership ' group in world, or IM Aves Williams (avav9191 Resident). You won't be disappointed!

Please feel free to contact me in world about your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you!

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