Monday, April 14, 2014

Ali Lancrae's 'Reality Ali' , featuring Mimi

Mimi & Edvard_001

Well well, I hope we are not spoiling Ali Lancrae featuring her work a lot lately, but hey, we love her party pictures, she looks great, and this set here which features once more expert furniture tester Edvard Taurion this time together with tireless photographer Mistyk 'Mimi' Shinn, is just sooo darn hot. So have a look, and wish to see more fun at Taurion Castle soon again! Check out the whole set including the previous installment of the more vaste 'Reality Ali' project, with Anastasha Denimore: the pics contain also very erotic descriptions, so do not miss out!
So, here's the intro in Ali's words.

Another night at Edvard's castle and we're discussing which hot pornstar to shoot next when suddenly there is a dreamy, seductive perfume dancing on the room air. I look up to see Mimi standing there, hotter than a solar flare. I say hi and smile - and turn on my cam - *click*..

Mimi & Edvard_003

Mimi & Edvard_004

Mimi & Edvard_005

Mimi & Edvard_006

Mimi & Edvard_007

Mimi & Edvard_008

Mimi & Edvard_009

Mimi & Edvard_010

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