Thursday, April 24, 2014

Erotica by Ero&Tica

Ero&Tica 1-1

We all have to deal with the personality-driven aspect of the world of SL Porn, one way or another, some of us thrive on it. We are a community, we relate to each other as individuals, each one with their traits and each one different, and based on what we see but also often on what we know, or think we know, about the person.

Well, on today's feature, I have no idea of who this person, or these people rather, are!

This is the 'Ero Tica SL ' flickr. Hopefully we'll hear this name again, because the beginning is very promising. I have had no contact with 'Ero Tica' other than a brief flickr mail making sure their uploads on our Flickr groups meant they would have liked to be on the blog. Maybe you will contact them and get to know them in world. Maybe you won't and they will stay known only for their pics. I don't know, but meanwhile.. just enjoy this artwork, whoever it is behind the nick! Ero&Tica 1-2

Ero&Tica 1-3

Ero&Tica 1-6

Ero&Tica 1-7

Ero&Tica 1-8

Ero&Tica 1-9

Ero&Tica 1-10

Ero&Tica 1-11

Ero&Tica 1-12

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