Friday, April 11, 2014

Journey Texan 'Clubbin' with Tanzi

Getting a Good Look

Active long time flickr-ite Journey Texan has popped up at the Pornstars Block Party earlier today, and joined the in-world group. Browsing his stream, i just noticed him enjoying the company of the super-hot Tanzi Mizser, who completely stunned me in her first showing with the very talented Lacie Babenco. She has a very different look, which i had already the pleasure to admire in-world, and makes this sexcapade at popular adult club Teqi's quite unique and enjoyable. A straight lapdance & sex shoot, hot snapshots tho and a great variety of angles. A good representation of a very popular type of shoots in the world of SL porn, and a fine way to spend your evening!

Check out Journey's stream, and enjoy the steamy action!

Tanzi 50

Tanzi 52

Tanzi 53

Tanzi 55

Tanzi 58

Tanzi 62

Tanzi 63

Tanzi 64

Tanzi 65

Tanzi 68

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