Saturday, April 5, 2014

Look Out For... Leylani Wolfgang

edvard and bella

We are here to cover work from 'In Da Pink Studios', we are here for a Wolfgang : surprisingly, it's not James this time!

I am presenting a selection from 2 shoots by Leylani Wolfgang, also known as Anabelle Steel and Bella Simons. Both involve furniture savant Edvard Taurion: seeing the more recent one made me want to cover also the late February action which had together with Bella and Ed also the searing JayJay Moyet. You can check out on the IDP website what's happening there, and please follow and fave Leylani's stream also: she is doing a great job with a variety of smoking hot pictures.

edvard and bella 4

edvard and bella 5

edvard and bella 6

edvard and bella 7

With Edvard and JayJay

fun :)


Ed, Jay and I

Ed, Jay and I

Ed, Jay and I

Ed, Jay and I

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