Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Suna Squirtella's 'Life is not as hard as a cock'

It's trann(y) o'cock

I have already featured yesterday a bit of Suna Squirtella's work, but what she has done so far has been just so diverse and so fresh in style. I simply have to showcase these pics from 2 different shoots she did.
She put them both in a Flickr set under this interesting title: 'Life is not as hard as a cock'. In her words:

The first facial impression fascinates me whenever a big dong jumped out of the pants and the innocent girl observed the dangerous anaconda. I remember my worried expression the first time.

The post opens with one picture from 'T-Girl o'cock' featuring Sweet Melons, and has in the other ones Kristina Deschanel and Edvard Taurion. Both star Suna herself, because as talented as a photographer and set and posemake as she obviously is, she loves to perform. To do porn, and be in porn.

Take a trip into her wicked imagination, and drop by her blog if you wish. It can give you more insight into her busy mind and artistic sensitivities and passions. And will you just look at that url ! Enjoy and don't miss her flickr.

Worried Size

La vie en Rose

C'est la vie

Corporated Job

Can't get enough!

Golden Touch

Blue Evil Angels

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