Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Official Porneaster® Gallery: Apr 20

Happy Easter Sunday Bunnies! Eggs! Chocolate! Surprises! Well, and what about the fact that Easter is a religious holiday? Can we really pass on the chance to offend people? Of course not, so we begin the Easter gallery with Laura Demonista. I am sure Karol and Angelo from above are chuckling, and will appreciate the lack of visible birth control measures in ANY of the pictures.

We move on with the more classical cards, featuring Domino Dupre, Ayara Illios, Bewitched Difference and Robin Rondini by Rachel Swallows, Chandi, Emma Starr featuring Vampy Chant, from her themed blog post Domino again, Fawn Serenity, Seddy Suicide featuring River Oryl, Devon Adams with a double lineup of beauties, Luna Talon in Rix Spyker's pic, and Kerri Fegte.

Moar and moar egginess to come, guys. Have fun!

Happy Easter! Happy Easter Easter Bunnies Look 

what the Easter Bunny left in my basket!!! Bunny love 1 Bunny love 3 Bunny love Happy Easter! Candy Coma The Nadia Bunny Cums... Bunnies_003 Bunnies_004 Down The Rabbit Hole Easter Bunny's Eggs Every bunny's got something to hide.

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