Friday, April 4, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Apr 04

Just slip them off......

TGIF! The Gallery Is Free2read4every1! ...ok i need to work on my acronyms a bit. But it's here, and so, look at the sexy people in it! Starting with Jinx Jiersen who has in the pic title a sound suggestion for his model Tams. I would agree with him, and i am sure he was ready to help her with that.

We have then our Sexiest DJ Yana Grau under the rain, Zaria Velde daydreaming, two pics from the wonderful shoot by Bewitched Difference featuring Vixeee, another erotic display by Ash, 3 pics by Lacie Babenco featuring the always friendly Burly Tigerpaw. We have another hot display by Meg Corral, different car and pic by Wendy Aristocrat, Maria Amor, Ash again, the delectable Rhiannon Tamerlane, a golden one by Sandra Palletier featuring Rose Saalaander, and i close with a sample of the recent work by Ivori Faith, who has been busy with excellent solo pic (here's a selfie) and a set that plays certainly to her persona and experiences, dealing with 'Barbie Jiggleslut: Bimbo Extraordinaire'. Check out the set here , and see you tomorrow!

When rain strikes daydreaming Softness... Softness... Splendeurs et misères des courtisanes Bedroom Burly 4 Bedroom Burly 5 Bedroom Burly 6 HBIC MEG CORRAL New skin and hips Feeling the leather..... valley Pony Pinup The name of the Rose Selfie Barbie Jiggleslut: Bimbo Extraordinaire Barbie Jiggleslut: Bimbo Extraordinaire

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