Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Pornstars Rack: Still May Magazines!

May is almost over, but out for the second time this month we have...


Aroused! Issue 2 Cover

Aroused! (exclamation point needed and earned) is at its 2nd issue here, running on a bi-weekly schedule. Magazine editor, publisher, founder, lead photographer and cutie patootie Marika Blaisdale provides a magazine with a very simple formula.
Hot. Pictures. With hot models and some of the most interesting photographers on the scene. The magazine intends to have a mix of already published pictures and exclusive never seen before ones, but I can tell you, most of the pictures shown here are of the latter type. Every photographer has really put up a display. Such as the artist on the cover, Cindy Starostin.

And that's what I love about magazines in SL: you rarely see someone phone a perfomance in for a magazine. Everyone seems pushed to do their best and appear at their top. I am sure that when you look on this issue at the work by Graham Collinson (featuring Darkangel69 Vig), Melinakis (feat. Acey and Cath), Vixeee, Zuby Gloom (feat. Lunedor Oryl), you will have to agree. As featured models on this issue, we have pouty lipped hottie Ashlynn Jameson and SL mags mainstay Rachel Swallows, always looking incredible.

So, all in all... I urge you to get this magazine! You can retrieve it from the Sexiest Pornstars group notice history, OR, why not...ask Marika Blaisdale directly in world! You know, and then casually mention you'd love to appear in it and stuff. Oh come on, I know you wanna. I am sure she accepts bribes, of the right kind.

But wait it's not over! Because, here comes a new challenger!

T.R. Magazine

First issue of T.R. Magazine.

Another new magazine in the world of SL Porn! From the well established porn production company which features many Sexiest group members, you can obtain this new publication. This magazine makes for a compelling read, featuring interviews with Gomez and Titania Bracken from Temptations Adult Resort and Dolan Nider from the Eyes Wide Shut RP sim, and interviews also to two of the girls from their roster.
Check out their blog for more. They do not mention a way to get the mag, so just nag the group owner Tessco Williams to get your own copy! :p

Please feel free to contact me in world about your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you!

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