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A Sexiest® interview (and more...): Zuby Gloom by Sweet Mels

Interview with Zuby 2

Sweet Mels continues with her interview series, a great initiative that I love to feature here on the blog!
Her guest this time is the awesome Zuby Gloom.

You can see the sexy Zuby at the Porn Parties, or out and about taking photos.....of course her work to me is awesome, so i managed to catch up with the hotty to get to know her a bit more, I hope you enjoy, I did >;3 and I thank you Zuby for taking the time for putting up with me xD >:p

Interview with Zuby 3

So yeah, you get to see the interview in its original form in two sets [1] and [2] on Mels' Flickr, and I invite you to do so, to check out all the hot action (damn, just how hot does it get?). Enjoy!

Interview with Zuby 4

- So, Zuby, what exactly got you into SL Porn?
At first it was a coincidence, I was wandering aimlessly and I happened all'Erotique, at the beach, meeting there Katina, Serenity, Arwen and Jinx. Looking through their profiles, looking around, I started thinking. Oh well "think" is a thing I was doing before, I would say even with fairly good results. But in this case I started to think that porn in sl would be fun.

- Do you perfer shooting xxx porn or erotics?
I like both. I have seen many talented photographers make great erotic photos, on the contrary I think few people are able to make high quality porn pics.

- What do you look for in your models?
A good look, a human shape ( i don't mean i don't take pics of furries, aliens and so, i mean human proportions of the body, i don't like boobs or cocks that looks bigger than my set or landscape) but, more important of everything i want my models use mesh feet.

Interview with Zuby 5

- If you had me for 4 hours, what would you do with me?
Oh sorry, i can't tell this here and you are going to be married... but i can say after 4 hours you will have to eat at least for a whole week. Oh, or you mean 4 hours to take pics? Well, in 4 hours we could do the second chapter of my comic. :)

- Whats your opinion on mesh arse, boobies and of course the wowmeh?
My opinion is i like them, i used mesh arse and boobies (my boobs wiggle when I say the word boobies) and now i'm using wowmeh, i'm happy of the soft and round look it gives to my shape. Perfect for good pics and to create poses where you don't look like a sheet of crumpled paper.

- What is your favorite part of a person? (eyes, ass, boobs....)
In sl rarely i look eyes at first. I look at the whole shape if it is well done but my favourite part is the face; the face is what, more than anything, makes us different from each other.

- If you could have sex with anyone in SL, who would that person be?
I've already have my sex moments with my loved one. Plus two part-time lovers. So, actually, i'm quite satisfied. But if you mean someone with whom I've never done before... the answer is.... the answer is... i don't know. Lately i've been busy enough to actualize some ideas i have in my mind that i thought very little to have sex and, above all, to do with who. But i know people want to hear something different from a pornstar and erotic model, so... let me think...
Uhm... do you have someone to suggest?
*Looks around shyly*
Can i say "you"?

Interview with Zuby 6

- Which position do you perfer when having sex?
Every position where i don't need to have control

- Who do you look up to in SL porn and why?
In a certain way I have already answered this question in another place. Tatiana Easterwood, Spirit H. Demure, Serenity & Louise K. Faulds, John Jinx Jiersen, Raelin Jestyr, Thorgal McGillivary, Nik Arlington, Adam Sin. For their talent. I admire their works.

Mels and Zuby 1

- If you had a super power, what would it be?
Magic. Is it a super power? Well, Dr. Strange is a magician and he is a superhero too

- Do you think that man in sl with big muscles and cocks are attractive?
NOPE!!! Absolutely not!! I Like muscles but i'm not a fan of bodybuilders.

Mels and Zuby 2

- When it comes to mesh, in your opinion, would you advise the new comers that they "NEED" mesh body parts? 
Yes, and it's something I already do when a new comer become my friend. I help him/her to have a better and modern look if they are interested.

- Since you been in sl, what has been the most HOTTEST time you had when having sex?
When having sex i always have hottiest times, but sometimes there are certain situations that emphasize the eroticism. Like when it happened to do it in a crowded place.

Mels and Zuby 9 Mels and Zuby 7 Mels and Zuby 6
I was a bit surprised when Zuby had mentioned my name when i asked who she might possibly wana fuck.....I mean come on its Zuby...
We continued to work thru the shoot, talking laughing....going thru the poses, shes a blast to work with. I do think her photos are awesome, she is always putting out great photos after photos, people know her work.So I am honored to have been the one person she have thought about to has the sex with. She is such a professional when you do get to work with her, I suggest you look her up and work with her. ays always enjoy being with her .... i mean working in her, fuck i mean fucking her...ok shit ummm nextttttt.
Im not sure what else to say about zuby and this interview, i mean shes jus a fucking blast, i enjoy her sense of humor. we did find out that we do have the same favorite positions ;) and why we enjoy them This was such a fun interview with a a very very hot ending to it, I wan to say thank you to Zuby for doing this interview with me and that i was honored that you chose me xD

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