Thursday, June 12, 2014

Louise's Pornstars Coupling : Miss Emily and Zuby Gloom in 'The Driving Test'

Another in our 'Pornstars Coupling' series. Which is produced and photographed by 'Louise Kristan-Faulds', exclusively for the Pornstars Blog. Cast from The Pornstars Group. Huge thanks to her, and her wonderful cast in this edition. Miss Emily and Zuby Gloom.

With text from Louise.....

Oops… Zuby obviously distracted by the delectable curves of her driving instructor Emily careers off the road straight into a lamppost.

Zuby is distraught she cannot afford to fail as her new job depends on her passing her test. She pleads with Emily as she sees her preparing the FAIL Certificate. Emily smiles ..well you have a choice. I can give you this indicating the Fail certificate….or this....She pulls out a large dildo from her handbag.

Zuby is happy to oblige Emily ..already being wet from admiring her body..she sets about her task with enthusiasm. Then Emily uses her strap on to take control....

A dazed Zuby collapses by the car ..her body satiated by Emily's lust. A PASS certificate lays across her body..A just reward for her efforts.


  1. Fantastic!!! Thanks Louise, Zuby and Serenity :)

  2. Thanks Louise and Serenity and thanks Emily

  3. Thanks Louise, amazing set of pics. Thanks Serenity. And thanks Emily