Thursday, June 5, 2014

The 'Erotic Monochrome' Flickr Group

Point of View

I am a great admirer of the Queen of Amok, Ash. The eroticism in her images is piquant and torrid even when merely suggesting, she can pick details with such precision and make them come to life, and even when you just look at her, she has an intriguing and unique sembiance. She's totally the second one-eyed girl I'd bag, ahead of Molotov Cocktease and slightly behind Big Ed's wife from Twin Peaks. WHAT??


She founded this Flickr group, which has just started (cos she just made it, wow I am redundant), and it has already amazeball pics in it. I also was dying to feature some of the picture in it already, so! Check it out, upload your B/w stuff, enjoy. Pictures (in sparse order, check the links on every pic for proper credits) by: Amona Savira, Beth Macbain, Dominic Dawes, Hugh Person, Isa Messioptra, Laura A., Meryll Panthar, Rix Spyker, Spirit Eleonara, Tha Weirdo, Ash herself.

.......if you follow close behind me.....


Senza titolo


Light and Dark

a long rainy season

The Private Dance

Two Lovers

Bare to Bush

Rhapsody in Blue


Exploring Utopia - A Blog Post

Kirsten Smith_May_016



Lights [2]

Lights [1]


Black Pearls

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