Wednesday, October 29, 2014

VIE : Men's Second Lifestyle : A Pornstars 'Lad's Mag'

The VIE Blog is the creation of Thorgal McGillivary. A well known Pornstars movie director, and personality on our scene. Thorgal already has a reputation for delivering us some of the very best Second Life Porn movies ever made, award winning and high concept their quality is there for all to see.

So it's no surprise that when Thorgal turned his focus to blogging and gave his Blog a make over it too is something different, eye catching, and a superb concept.

VIE is a online 'Lad's Mag'. A Magazine for Second Life guys to enjoy, and emulating similar RL publications. The idea of basing such a project in the Second Life Porn scene is perfect. Contributor's, models, and content all suit this format.

Content ranges from classic pin up style shoots of some of Second Life Porn's hottest 'Babes'! To fashion, erotic stories and shoots, Club Life, and even a letters page which you can read resident agony 'Uncle' Henry abusing the brave letter senders ( i love this bit! )

Of course this is not just for the lads. It can be enjoyed by all. Search for it on our Blog Roll right here or visit VIE Men's Second Lifestyle. I think it's best to let Thorgal's words from Post #1 fill in the rest of what this superb project is all about....

Thorgal : "Welcome everybody... welcome to VIE Men's Second Lifestyle... a new web magazine determined to provide everything and anything entertainment for the Second Life rich and classy male.

Another SL based magazine you say? Yes... but with a twist... we don't publish a new issue every month - VIE MSL is based on a two-week cycle which means that we'll publish regular recurring themed photoshoots, columns, erotic stories, fashion features and other cool stuff every two days with same features recurring every two weeks. To start things with a blast tomorrow we'll see the very first VIE Femme. Think of her as our version of the pet... the playmate... only better of course ;)

I'm so glad I found a great bunch of people willing to help me realize this web magazine. One by one amazing artists who will each do their own unique thing every two weeks and have it published right here just for your enjoyment. Just check out our Team page and I'm sure you will agree with me that expectations are rightfully high.I have seen what we will be publishing for the next few weeks and let me assure you you will not be disappointed.

So keep your eyes on this blog for the next few days. Like I said, starting  tomorrow things will heat up here and from then on every two days you'll find a nice treat - we'll make sure to keep you coming back :)"

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  1. Thank you for your kind word! Just have to say I'm honored to have so many talented people in this team contributing to this silly idea I had in my mind for a while now... amazed and still so excited every I press the publish button I have to change my underwear... euhm... right.. tmi probably..

    Thanks to Graham, Laura, Eva, Rachel, Be, Henry and Lady Raven!!