Monday, February 16, 2015

The Pornstars Rack: Valentine's day Magazines!

Valentine's day has ended, but chocolatiers of the world should not worry. Easter is behind the corner. Did you get your fingers sticky and all that? Well, clean yourself up (or make your loved one do that for you) , because it's time to leaf through the new issue of ...


Provocative Magazine Cover Shot

Pro•voc•a•tive's publisher Rosalee Rhiadra did a great job putting the issue together in a very timely fashion, releasing it just before Valentine's day, and does a great job of introducing yet another great issue, full of content and truly sexy artwork.

a very Valentine issue, with Rosa !

The magazine pulls out all the stops in bringing standout talent and very known names in the visual arts department. If you are involved in SL photography, you surely are familiar with the products from that sexy power couple on the cover Stefan and Sammie, and with the impressive work of another interviewee in Kes Myas. Both interviews are success stories, and very inspiring at that.

Making us wish for summer again soon, Masuki Silvanski

Of course the 'Pornstars' community proves to be a huge source of talents, in an issue permeated by eroticism. From the photographic work of Texas Rob McRae to Jadelyn McAuley's (hers the cover and the photos of the Stefan-Sammie interview), from a stupefying photoshoot by Spirit of a gorgeous Envy Watts, more marylinesque than ever before . And the contributions from Addison Summerwind, always of the highest level, and Domino Dupre and Edvard Taurion doing articles about their areas of expertise...

Not to mention Partee's  fashion report !

And so on, yes, yes! Well, I hope you'll take a look at Pro•voc•a•tive, because it surely makes for an interesting read and the photo are smexy. Besides, you need to take your mind off this whole Sexiest Awards thing and such. Ohhh my. Speaking of Awards... You have to remember also that the Avi Choice Awards are happening right now. The event involves nearly the whole spectrum of arts you can find on SL, but, just saying, in their vote page the magazine section is right at the top. So go vote for your favourite one! Not before you have taken a good look at Pro•voc•a•tive, tho, here on its online version.

Please feel free anytime to send me a copy of a magazine featuring SL pornstars, because they rock. I'll gladly feature the material you suggest me on this space! Thanks!

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