Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: March Madness!

So you are like "Kat, it's April", "Kat, you already used this title", I know. Well, madness tends to stick around long, ok? And this is my LATE coverage of the March issue of ...

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 37

Oh yes, I thoroughly enjoyed this issue of the magazine, and once more I have a long list of people to thank, starting off with my partner Marika Blaisdale, for putting up with me and providing the flawless and professional layout for the magazine here. Whenever I come up to her with the most extravagant last-minute requests, she is always able to make the issue happen.

Our Lips Meet

Lylah Landar in this issue goes for some 'girl love...soft'

My completely unbiased opinion is of course that you do have to check out this issue (duh!) because it's full of erotic juiciness dipped in photographic awesomesauce. I probably have to detail that with this writeup, but one thing Aroused does, is avoiding writeups (besides my opening logorrhea and the proper credits for every shoot) and use its stylishly put together pages to showcase fine graphics.

SB - 16

Tammy Jones worked extra-hard on her Spring Break, featured with 2 sets in the issue

What Aroused does, is essentially to give a platform for exciting, creative, sensual artists to be, you know, actually exciting, creative and sensual. It's a magazine made with the contribution of many pornstars, and here I am gonna mention pretty much all of them, since it's pretty much the point of these posts, but does not identify itself with 'porn' as such. Oh you heard this a lot of times, though, and don't be mistaken. I am not going 'there', to that point where a magazine owner touts that they are 'not porn' because they put themselves above it, in a way.

One 'outtake' from Isabelle Cheviot's set (literally!), by Rachel Avro

What I mean is, that Aroused is all about the photography, all about the artists, and doesn't 'pre-judge' their work. What they want to portray, what they do. Does not shy away from publishing a well done explicit sex photoshoot, as it doesn't feel a need to protect them. The vaste majority of photos in this issue is what would amount to 'artistic nudes', but we are interested in an audience that can also appreciate what's behind, or rather, what goes in, a 'porn' shoot. That's why I was proud to have in this issue the magazine debut of an artist like PJ Thornton, who needs no presentation for our group members, and that authors so many inventive photoshoots and photos, inspired from a wide range of sources, from humor and pop-culture to real icons of traditional figurative art.

Teaser for Aroused! Magazine

PJ and Veigh in their special workout session!

Oh but enough yapping: on this issue, the masterful work of Spirit Eleonara, the erotic perfection that is Lylah Landar, a double salvo from the returning Tammy Jones, Nicasio Ansar providing his usual colours and more, Rachel Avro wearing her photographer hat (and we'll see more of her soon again...), Cindy Frindy's professional artwork, and I can only say, that's just a fraction, as we were happy to involve one very naughty girl (big thanks to my compatriot Sidam for bringing her to my attention!) in Annabell Sauber, and the cover girl(s) Marika Djannovic and Aloyssia Hema outdid themselves with their respective photosets.

Amongst the models, in completely random order, Isabelle Cheviot, JayJay Moyet, Kei Frequency, Hard Rust, Kron Ray, Jadelyn McAuley, Ali Fox, Brunella Voelisa and many many others!

Too Late

'Omg Kat, you kept my photoshoot in the freezer for so long'. I know, Spirit, I know... guessed it. Go get Aroused!, if you haven't yet! Not that I object if you want to get another copy. It's free anyway! Grab it on Marketplace, look at it online on Issuu (your G+ or Facebook loginin works, no need to sign up), or feel free to subscribe to a kiosk -feel free to ask if you'd like to display it at your sim- and ...that's it! Oh that was easy. Why couldn't I do this post before? Sheesh!

Contact me anytime in-world, about the magazine of course, but also about this blog post, about your work, anything we could fit in here to promote and showcase your work, it's what matters to me. Thanks!

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