Wednesday, February 29, 2012


A portrait of Emmanuelle which i edited for this post, from an original pic by Ivori Faith.
From her Interview with Emmanuelle.
This is a pretty amazing mile stone. The 2,500th blog post. I've always called this blog a institution of Second Life porn, and always felt honored to be featured on it, and now to be part of it. I think posts coming up tomorrow like THE SEXIEST® PHOTO OF THE MONTH, demonstrate how vibrant and exciting this blog can be. Showcasing your amazing creations, and showing your ability to get us all so hot, time and time again!

As well as two new pics above and below, I'm also including a few retro items. From the blogs vaults, in this nostalgic post. As well as a brand new screen shot from my next movie featuring Emmanuelle and Arwen!

Serenity and Emma. No, this not a typical day at the blog offices.
I spent some time looking back at the very earliest posts. The names have changed, the movies and photographs have changed, but the style, and reasons for publishing this blog are still the same. Emmanuelle has really given her all over the years to produce something very special. She's delivered it with passion, and her very own sexy style.

The blog has entertained us since 2009. It's turned us on, helped and introduced many producers, photographers, models, Actresses, actors, and Directors. For many years across thousands of those posts.

One of the earliest working pics i could find on the blog, "Jennnna Jameson" in 2009 by Clarissa Szimmer.
Long before i arrived Emmanuelle was delivering a touch of glamour within these blog posts. Adding a celebrity feel to Second Life Porn. From reviewing new movies, to Pornstar parties, to showcasing "The Pornstars". I hope that can carry on while i edit, and the whole group feel part of this blog.

Jennna from the movie "PornStars" in 2009 A SexyLifeBrasil Production. Click here to watch a rare retro treat!.
The Sexiest brand here on the blog has also entertained every day. With the Sexiest Photo of the day really making the photographers featured feel proud. Giving thousands of blog visitors some wonderful eye candy too! Huge thanks have to go to every single up loader to that group. The Sexiest Film awards has also now created a classy, Oscar's like annual event. The blog of course was the place to follow the whole event from nominations, through to the results and exclusive pictures.

The future. Emmanuelle and Arwen in our upcoming new movie!
The blog and the Pornstars group in Second Life is a real tribute to the effort, and time Emmanuelle put in to it all. A project born out of people enjoying their Second Life, and creating something sexy, and erotic should always be fun. Hopefully this blog can keep on reporting all those naughty, beautiful, erotic, fun, dirty, and naughty things you all get up to and capture on film, and in photography.

Here's to the next 2,500 posts!

To round things off a movie from the early days of the Blog in 2009....

Jennnna Jameson's "I Kissed A Girl"

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