Monday, February 6, 2012


Deelite Zenovka
Deelite Zenovka - By Jinx
I was blown away recently by some amazing photo's which i posed for. After the focus had been well and truly on movie awards recently here, i thought I'd throw some spotlight back onto the still image.

Serenity - English Rose II
Serenity Juneberry - By Jinx
I've often written that just like Real life porn, still images and photography is a vital part of things on our scene. Second life porn and erotic photography is no different. It represents a huge part, possibly even the biggest part of our scene. I know Emmanuelle feels the same way too. With the Sexiest Photo of the day feature on the Blog here a main stay and a vital part of things.

Samara & Tams
Samara and Tams - By Jinx
Just like the most successful director's in Second Life adult movies, the best photographer's are looking to do serious, creative, inspired, and artistic work to produce the best results. Ok it's a great job to have sexy girls posing for you, and I'm sure they love it! The end results though in some cases scream quality, and not just a bunch of snapshots grabbed while having fun. Although those can be good too of course in other ways!

Deelite Zenovka
Deelite Zenovka - By Jinx

When i browse through Flickr, and see the amazing work by those producing this level of photography and then the innovative side lines such as graphic novels, and story boarded scenario's i think it opens up our scene to anybody willing to experiment and put in the effort to produce projects of real erotic beauty. Not just those lucky enough to have the hardware for movies.

Tams, Samara and Moi
Samara, Tam's and Jinx - By Jinx...Ok i guess there has to be some perks! All work and no play..etc

I've chosen Photographs by a friend of the blog, Jinx Jiersen, to feature with this little piece. Hope you enjoy them. You can catch his Photostream on Flickr Here!

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