Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Tender November!

Phew, we just recovered from all the spooky Halloween stuff. And no, despite what might be going on at your local mall, it's NOT time yet for xmas decorations! No no no! It is time though , for the newest issue of

SL Connoisseur

SL Connoisseur #14 (November 2016)

Month after month, the creation of Edvard Taurion, SL Connoisseur, strives to bring you exclusive and original content. Beginning with a first rate cover, this month featuring one of the most creative pornstars in the business, someone who has achieved a lot in so many different fields. Including a trademark look that makes her recognizable at first glance. She's of course Ayara Illios.

Laura always brings a lovely contribution to the magazine with her prose, and with her trademark photography.

Are you a photo-oriented person? Well you might want to flip pages and get to Cream Release's wonderful pictorial of Aya, then. Or the Pet of the Month feature? Or...Laura Demonista's erotic pictorial closing the magazine? Ah but there are plenty of intriguing articles to shift your focus on. One thing for sure that this issue brings you, is a very festive mood, as there are two sweet party reports. They are courtesy of the lovely Kristina Deschanel, who gets to appear with more of her photo work. Let's not forget she is in the engine room of the whole SL Connoisseur cruiser as technical editor, one role of pivotal importance!

Kristina snaps some sexy pics at the parties! Don't miss the next one!

We have of course interviews, featuring Edvard's chat with Infernoschill, whom I remember as a wickedly good photographer, but most of you wil remember (and that's why he is on the mag!) for his accomplishments as furniture creator. The indefatigable Onisa Lundquist provides photos for this interview and does more of her own.

Kayla in a lovely shoot for the autumn!

Equally important is once more the contribution of Kayla Bombastic. For every assignement she gets in each issue you can rest assured she will not just make a simple recount and list of the relevant spots of the locations. Her reports are written with personality and talent: you'll find two in this issue, different in style. One is a 'diary' of her experience that is unique and fetching, and the other features a pleasant interview with the creator. I leave you the pleasure to find out who is on this issue, I'll just say that one of these sims in its first incarnation was the first place I ever took pictures of myself in !

Sunkissed Ali...nah she won't get a tan.

 Also, the magazine has another 'centerfold', and with another pornstar who appeared on the scene much more recently than Ayara, but as well can claim a really unique and edgy look, and to have made an impact on the scene. We are talking of course about the Pet of the Month, Ali Fox. What else to say about her , if not, enjoy once more Onisa's work?

Relaxing by the Fire @ It All Starts With A Smile

Kayla's photos from her location reports are of top quality. Take your time to look at them closely

And I am sure you WILL enjoy also her work today at 11 AM SLT, as DJ for the SL Connoisseur new party! You've got a very clear proof of what happens there: not just fun , but also brilliant opportunities to network and even win some prizes, as you KNOW that with Edvard involved there will be a raffle!

As I often say, don't wait for the party and do your homework: get Connoisseur from the marketplace store!

To schedule a post on the Pornstars blog, simply contacting me, Katina Cazalet, inworld, is enough! Let me know when you are avalaible!

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  1. Awesome review! Aww, thank you so much for your kind words, Katina, they mean so much.