Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Sexiest® Movie Premiere: Rosse Buurt !

There's no surprise here: the pornstar community in SL is actually very porn! Imagine that! How? Those of you who are part of even just follow the in world group see the a myriad of photos, photosets, comics and the likes you see with great abundance on Flickr. Porn movies are produced daily in SL: for many they are a little elusive, compared to the dozens of photos, but they are still a very tangible reality. One of the most interesting production companies in SL is Mitzy Broadway's Filthy Penny Productions, supporting the superb movies by Max Long's Rude Runner Studios.

I mentioned in the past how Beach Bang, the first movie that was officially introduced to the porn groups by Mitzy, was as impressive as a debut as it gets. So far the artistic partnership between Mitzy and Max delivered terrific work. Some like The Back Alley and Minotaur challenged the viewer, or cleverly dipped into niches that are not normally explored by filmakers of this talent. Others do not need as much viewer discrection, but they deliver so much in term of sex - varied, kinky, and shot so sexily - and in term of narrative structure.

Rosse Buurt is a movie sex packed from begin to end. But can you believe there is a story to it?

The pornstars community is very active, I was saying.  Many are the creators of content, but those involved in movies are a limited subgroup. What everyone can do, is use the group to network. It's a tool that facilitates castings, but even just comments, chat, any feedback play a role in the gran scheme of things. And of course, one of the best ways to socialize and wet your toes in the world of porn is to attend parties.

Jack Stroker and Kandie Kox in one of the juicy scenes of the movie. Jack is the lead...but one could say, the protagonist is actually...Rosse Buurt.

Ah, come on, you know already where I am going with this, right? You did read the title! Yes, another event in the porn world, and it's a movie Premiere, for the latest movie created by these state of the art filmographer, Rosse Buurt! Last time around, Mitzy and Max organized the premiere of their road movie, Rough Ride. It was a beautiful event with music and fun. And guess what? In this new movie, you'll find people who were at that premiere. Who got into the producer's radar also for through it. Because this is also the first movie where Mitzy and Max casted outside of their group of regulars.

A clumsy co-star kinda blocks the view, but you can certainly recognize and admire Curty Dovgal here!

Mitzy, Kandie Cox and especially Jack Stroker, the focal character of the movie, perform brilliantly in this, and all the regular Filthy Penny/Rude Runner stars including the irreplaceable sound talent Peter Moore are there. But several other individuals have extended scenes in the video.
Who? If you have followed Mitzy's flickr or peeked at the trailer, you know already.

Isabelle Cheviot is one of the talents that worked on this movie under the direction of Mitzy

But for more surprises, meeting the director (Mitzy took full charge of the movie direction in this, even if Max was tasked with the cinematography) and much more , come over at the Movie Premiere!
It will start at 6:30 PM SLT, followed by your official pornstars party with Dj Jadelyn McAuley, on the film set , recreated by Mitzy with the partnership of Nicasio Ansar!

Max Long, firmly at the helm with his camerawork during the scenes directed by Mitzy!

We had great fun last time, looking forward to see you this time too!
The trailer is riiiight here after the Jump!

Rosse Buurt teaser

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