Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Pornstars' Rack: April Fable!

April, April, April. What a fabulous girl name! ...well, but that's beyond the point, because we are here to talk about magazines, in particular about...

SL Connoisseur

A new month, and new magazines populate the virtual newstands! We are always happy on the Pornstars blog to give coverage to publications who have strong ties with the world of adult entertainment and the personalities of this scene (IM me for details anytime). And the most consistent for well over a year has certainly been SL Connoisseur in the person of his owner and publisher Edvard Taurion.

Suki is one sultry beauty and a perfect Pet of the Month for Cheryl to shoot!

" It's spring time and new ~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine April is out, with fashion, sims, houses, furniture, cars, boats and even boat houses ;) Lets not forget our hot pet and cover models to. So i hope each will find something interesting in side. Enjoy it :)  "

Lesley drove her economy car to the interview...

Houses, boats...and boat houses! Well what a way to combine the best of two worlds then! Jokes aside, SL Connoisseur is an important magazine for our community with its lifestyle mag ambitions: together with the valuable shopping tips promotes something to me even more valuable: the talent and skill of its staffers. The work done by the people who committed to this monthly effort is remarkable, as the magazine operates with the criteria of efficiency and professionality that have been the trademark of Edvard Taurion in his blogging career.

Edvard illustrates several products through the magazine, with the level of professionalism he has built his name on.

So, a big praise to Cheryl Reddevil for her Pet of the Month pictorial featuring the always beautiful Suki (Masuki Silvansky), to the cover artist Eva Brunswick for her feature of Tatiana Easterwood, to Lesley Aristocrat who brings quality photography on top of her always sexy and cute presence in the interviews, to Midnight Darkness for her sim coverage, and of course to Onisa Lundquist, party dj and long term fashion editor - her article this month feature one of the most popular designers in SL and a personal favourite of mine! - plus the precise work by Kristina Deschanel both editing the magazine and taking the pictures for the release party. Uh-uh, because....

There IS going to be a release party, as you can imagine! Edvard has been having fun with those, and it's always amusing to look at your partygoer self stare at you from the magazine pages. Onisa will bring her tunes and her sexy voice, Ed, Kristina and the others will be there, and so...You will have to be there! A lot about our 'business' is based on self-promotion and being proactive, so if I were you I would not miss the opportunity !  So be at the party Tuesday 4th, starting at 11 AM SLT!


. Get the magazine at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/183207 , or of course, just drop by at the party!

So, once again, I thank Edvard for his cooperation - feel free to write me if you want coverage of your magazine on the Pornstars blog!

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