Friday, May 5, 2017

The Sexiest® Photos Of The Day: May the Of∙fourth∙icial Gallery Be With You!

We see every week how it takes as little as a designated bodypart or sex act to stimulate the creativity of our group members! Imagine what they could do with the day of St. Lucas, patron of all geeks.
Yep, it's our traditional May the 4th Gallery!

Star Wars Jedi Pornstars - HaileyMarie Angel: now that's new outfits for ComiCon!

Yes, it is a tradition for our blog to publish the beautiful, Sexiest® pics from our members, and you can look up the past years' posts too: 2016 here, 2015 here and 2014 herehere and here with a bonus here. 2013 here!
This year we have just as many photos, with some of the biggest contributors from the past years like Addy Summerwind and Laura Richards having multiple entries, Eddie's photoset, even a pic from Emma! Thank you everyone for bringing your imagination to the Sexiest® group!

Like in every gallery post done by Ali, I need to remind you that the photos submitted for consideration are those uploaded in The Sexiest® Flickr group: , if your beautifultacular photo does not appear in this gallery, make sure to upload it there, and then IM me and I'll make sure to add ! Thank you, and enjoy!.

Hope - Serenity Kristan-Faulds

May The Fourth Be With You - Laura Richards

Leia convincing Jabba to get into the stripclub business - Sindee

Blues - Spirit Eleonara

May the 4th - Daimaju Clowes

What really happened on the Death Star - Addison Summerwind

May the Force.... - Notorious B.E.N.


May the 4th Be With You - Lisa Languish

May The Fourth Be With Mai - Leanna Mai

Sexytrooper - Mrs. Reynolds

[ clique ] 050417 - May The Fourth Be With You - Nakari Tolsen

"This' is the droid 'we' were looking for" - Simone Landers..

Uttiniii! - TesslaDoll

May the 4th be with you 2 - Sheri Balto

May The 4th Be With You! - ❤️Issy❤️ ❤️Q❤️

May the 4th - Arinarose

May the Forth be with You - Addison Summerwind

The Empire Strikes Back - Laura Richards

May the 4th be with you!  - Angie Milena

Nerdsta Paradise - Spirit Eleonara

You know you want to - Eddie (who did like in the past years a whole photoset!)

Happy Star Wars Day - JellyBean

Probing the Princess - Addison Summerwind

Let's not forget the sci-fi sets by Tammy Jones (here a twi'lek Rachel Swallows)

Emmanuelle Star Wars Day - Emmanuelle Jameson

... and I am closing with the sweet and graceful homage to Carrie Fisher by Suffy, ahem, Leannan McCormick , followed by another wonderful photo by Sindee, Surrender to the dark side !

Till next year!

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